No More Surgeries For Rishabh Pant, Likely to Make Early Comeback

Rishabh Pant Health Update: He Will Have No More Surgeries

Rishabh Pant, the star wicket-keeper batter from India, who survived a serious car accident last year, continues to make remarkable progress as he prepares for a potential return to cricket. Contrary to earlier speculations about multiple surgeries, a BCCI official has clarified that he never required them and is likely to make an earlier-than-anticipated comeback. 

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With great determination, the 25-year-old remains in good spirits and has already commenced his strengthening exercises. Following regular checks, doctors have now ruled out the need for a second surgery. However, it is unfortunate that the star player will miss the ODI World Cup scheduled to take place in India later this year.

Statement of BCCI Official on Rishabh Pant Health Update

The BCCI official dismissed all speculations and confirmed that his comeback to cricket can happen much earlier than initially expected.

“Let’s make it clear that Pant never had multiple surgeries, as was speculated. There was much anxiety over another surgery. He was monitored every fortnight. Fortunately, his progress has been better than expected. This is a big boost for him. It could mean his comeback can happen a lot earlier than what was first expected,” a BCCI source told TOI.

“He is in good spirits. He can now walk considerably longer without a crutch. The focus of his rehab is now largely on strengthening. He should be in the back-to-play phase training soon,” he further added.

The star India cricketer, who sustained injuries in a horrific car accident, was ruled out of the just-concluded Indian Premier League (IPL) and will also miss the Asia Cup 2023 and the World Cup 2023 scheduled to take place in India. Earlier speculations about his recovery suggested that it might take a couple of years for Pant to fully recover from his injuries.

Though predicting his return to international cricket remains challenging, Pant’s impressive progress over the past few months bodes well for Indian cricket. The 25-year-old underwent significant surgery on the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and minor repair on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). While the doctors were optimistic about the natural recovery of the remaining injured ligaments, they had concerns about the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). However, due to the remarkable progress made by the star India cricketer, the need for a second surgery has now been ruled out.