National Budget 2023 : Sports sector receives the highest allocation ever!

National Budget 2023 : Sports sector receives the highest allocation ever!

One of the most historical days for Indian sports could be today as the Sports sector received a huge boost during National budget 2023. Union Minister Nirmala Sitaraman while presenting the budget today revealed that the Indian sports sector will see a boost as compared to last year.

A year ago, Indian sports sector was handed with the highest budget ever of INR 3062.60 Crores and this year the amount has seen a whopping increase of more than 250 Crores. The allocation is done to improve the sporting facilities in the country and to become a global force.

The new allocation will allow Indian players to go all in for the upcoming Asian Games and Paris Olympics in 2024 as the budget is reportedly has seen a massive increase of 300-330 Crore. The whole estimated budget given is 3397.32 Crore.

Khelo India, India’s youth sports developmental tournament will have more funds coming in for their betterment as they have been allotted INR 1045 Crore. The amount has maximized by almost 400 crores as compared to 2022. The Indian Government’s approach with their cash laden programs is to see India become Heavyweights.

The National Sports Federation also received a boost of INR 45 Crores. NSF will now get INR 325 Crores instead of 2022’s INR 280 Crores. Ever since these allocations were made, Sports activities around the country increased and the players won several silver wares in major events.

Government of India also made amends and took care of the doping agencies. India faced many doping violations in 2022 and it is something they would like to change. The National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA), World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the National Dope testing laboratory (NDTL) have been handed with a total of 45.23 Crores.

NADA – 21.73 Crores , WADA – 19.50 Crores & NDTL – 4 Crores.

A major boost like this could serve as an Antidote. During the 2020 Olympics, India had the largest contingent and fairly had one of their best ever finishes at the level. The country is actively and intensively approaching events like Olympics, Commonwealth Games and major World cups and latest investment will improve their performance.

Major points –

Year Scheme Amount 
Last Year – 2022 Assistance to National Sports Federations 280 Cr
This Year – 2023  Assistance to National Sports Federations 325 Cr
Last Year – 2022
Khelo India
974 Cr
This Year – 2023  Khelo India
1000 Cr
Last Year – 2022 Central Sector Schemes/Projects
1832.50 Cr
This Year – 2023  Central Sector Schemes/Projects
1913.51 Cr


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