Tyson Fury defeats Deontay Wilder for the WBC heavyweight title

wilder vs fury 2

British professional boxer Tyson Fury defeated Deontay Wilder to clinch the World Boxing Council heavyweight title. Fury registered a victory over wilder through technical superiority. With this victory, Tyson has become the boxer to win the WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO, WBC, and The Ring Magazine titles. However, Tyson is more in the news not for his victory but because of his behavior in the ring.

It is to be noted that Tyson Fury had left his opponent bleeding with a flurry of punches that he rained over Wilder. Tyson was completely dominating his opponent in the ring as Wilder’s fans were looked disappointed. But after this, what Tyson Fury did, the fans were shocked.

tyson fury vs wilder

Both players had bled during the match and there was a lot of blood coming around Wilder’s neck as his Wilder’s left ear was bleeding. Referee Kenny Bailes stopped the match to have a look at Wilder’s injury this is when Tyson tasted blood coming out of Wilder’s neck and shocked the fans. Fans are also angry to see such a behavior from Tyson Fury towards his opposition player.

After the match, Wilder said, “Even the greatest have lost and came back, that is just part of it. You just take it for what it is. I can make no excuses tonight. I had a lot of complications. ‘But we’ll come back stronger next time around. This is what big-time boxing is all about, the best must fight the best. I appreciate all the fans that came out and supported the show, and I hope that everyone gets home safely.”

Fury came to professional boxing in 2008, as he did not get a chance to represent Great Britain at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and he could not wait until the 2012 London Olympics, which is why he stepped into professional boxing. At the same time, Wilder won the bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. After this, he too entered the professional circuit.