Top 10 Most Famous Football (Soccer) Derbies/Rivalries in the World

Most Famous Football

Most Famous Football in the World:- One of the best and most followed game in the world is football. As the game is simple and entertaining all through the way, it is evident that the game captures a lot of audiences. As the game has a huge amount of history to associate, it is obvious that there are few hiccups among teams, locations, and players from time to time. Soccer is a popular game in both Europe and Latin America and there are a lot of rivalries to follow to get the best out of the game and players from time to time.

Soccer has gained a lot of attention in world football and a regular set of matches keeps you on the edge to enjoy the game on a regular basis. There are derbies or rivalries happening because of various reasons and prolonged encounter has made them more aggressive and hunger towards payback and to retain the title in an effective way. Most of the derbies or rivalries can be seen in both Europe and Latin America because they have a huge history of playing against each other for a long span of time. A small rivalry carries on positively in a sportive way, which helps the audience to enjoy the game effectively.

Top 10 Most Famous Football (Soccer) Derbies/Rivalries in the World

El Classico

El Classico is one of the most followed derbies across the world. The game is played between the two of the best teams in the world, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The rivalry dates back to more than a century back, where players have carried forward for a long time now. Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have a good team of players, which results in the aggressive game on the turf. Barcelona is having an upper hand currently and Real Madrid had their time of winning consecutive matches against the team. Barcelona has a good record of having quality players like Ronaldinho, Neymar and so on.. The current is equipped with Lionel Messi and Suarez, and they help the team to progress in a quick time.

Milan Derby

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Milan Derby takes place in Italy and one of the most followed in the country for a long span of time. Milan derby is played between AC Milan and Inter Milan, which is a result of various reasons. The Derby is a cause of the political issue as well dated more than a few decades ago. Both the teams share a common ground, which results in Derby’s effective element. It is necessary for fans and followers to keep a track on both the team’s updates because it helps them to enjoy the strategy used to defeat the other team in an easy way. There is a good balance between both the team in terms of success and the game results are always based on the team’s potential.

The North West Derby

It is a known fact that England is one of the best places to watch out for Derbys between teams. There are some of the best teams or clubs in England, which has the ability to spend money to buy players from different parts of the country. North West Derby is played between Liverpool and Manchester United, which is one of the popular derbies to follow. The derby is one of the oldest and violent in the history of football. Both teams have enjoyed an equal amount of success, but Manchester United consistency during the tenure of Alex Ferguson helped them in climbing up the ladder quickly.

The Manchester Derby

Manchester Derby is played between Manchester City and Manchester United. One of the long term rivals attracts a large sum of the crowd during fixtures on a regular basis. Both the teams are known to have a played aggressively in order to defeat the other team consistently. Manchester United had a good time during Sir Alex Ferguson’s tenure, which helped them overrun in terms of winning percentages. Manchester Derby has gained a lot of attention in the past few years because City has been overhauling their team in order to play matches with positive results. As the team is strong enough to take up Manchester United, it is obvious that the fixtures draw a lot of crowd in an effective way.

Derby D’Italia

Derby D’Italia is one of the famous and popular derby played in Italy. The derby has a lot of other factors apart from player technicality behind the rivalry for a long time now. The derby is played between Inter Milan and Juventus, and the derby is played for a long time following an aggressive rivalship. LIke Milan Derby, the rivalry has a political connection and was favored to the only team by a political party. Juventus is one of the strongest teams in Europe and it is evident that they are far ahead from Inter Milan in terms of success. Derby D’Italia draws a huge amount of crowd, which motivates players based on the ground from time to time.

Der Klassiker

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As Entire Europe follows football regularly, it is evident that players arise from all the countries across the continent. Germany is one of the important countries to be considered while talking about football because the country has a good reputation for playing well in world cups. The Der Klassiker is a derby, which is played between Bayern Munich and Borussia is the biggest derby in the country, which attracts a lot of crowd on a regular basis. Bayern Munich has a reputation of winning a maximum number of matches in the fixtures, While Borussia is playing quality football for the past a year or two effectively.

The North London Derby

The North London Derby is played between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. The rivalry is one of the oldest and biggest in English Football. The derby is carried over from senior players to junior players as soon as they take over the team. The North London Derby has been successfully ruling by Arsenal for a long time now. The team has more wins compared to Tottenham, which forces spurs to strengthen the team to attack and defend effectively. Arsenal has taken a good lead among the derby when they defeated almost all the matches during the invincibles period. The long-lasting consistency has given the team to take up the challenge or rivalry to the next stage by defeating regularly.

The Madrid Derby

Madrid derby is one more Spanish derby, which is followed for a long period of time. The derby is played between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid, which draws attention from both the team’s fans. Most of the wins or titles are taken home by Real Madrid for a long time now, but Atletico Madrid is strong enough to defend from major defeats in an effective way. Real Madrid is one of the popular teams in the world Arena, which has seen Christiano Ronaldo, Zidane in the team with excellent performances. Zidane is currently coaching the team to bring back titles every time they participate in Madrid Derby.

The Merseyside Derby

The Merseyside derby is one of the aggressive derbies in the world. The derbies have followed in English football for a long time now. The Merseyside Derby is generally played either in Liverpool home turf or Everton Home turf. The rivalry between Liverpool and Everton have gained a lot of attention because it is one of the oldest derbies. The derby was started initially because both belong to the same region but gained a lot of aggression over a period of time resulting in serious rivalry. There are a record number of red cards shown in fixtures between Liverpool and Everton, which forms more aggression.

The Old Firm Derby

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The Old Firm derby is played in Scottish football leagues. The derby is played between Celtic and Rangers, where both have an almost equal number of wins. The fans invasion in the pitch is one of the important elements to consider if you are looking forward to knowing the aggression of the derby in Scotland. The rivalry started decades back and seeing a lot of violence among fans, players, and followers for a long time. The derby has been followed by both the team’s fans and resulted in a lot of deaths in the early 1980s or so. The derby is played with aggression, which is resulted in more violence outside the field from time to time.


Derby or Rivalry is one of the common aspects to consider in every game because of obvious reasons. As Football is a physical sport, it is evident that players have a chance of colliding or crashing with another player while taking into possession. Mistakes over a small issue could lead to derby among teams playing in the arena. There are a lot of derbies or rivalries in world football, which is being followed by people from different parts of the world. The above list provides the top 10 Derbies, which has drawn a lot of attention from fans and followers in an effective way.

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