Former skipper Tony Adams defended an angry Ozil after a shameless defeat to Brigton

Arsenal former Caption Tony Adams come up for the Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil who stormed down the tunnel after ranting upon Alexandre Lacazette following a 2-1 defeat from Brighton at the Emirates Stadium.

All the television cameras turned towards Ozil who was caught shouting “Laca” in an angry gesture. The Swede Manager Freddie Ljungberg is still searching his first win after replacing the sacked Unai Emery.

Despite the angry gesture of Ozil caught many who termed foolish, ill gestured and unacceptable but Arsenal former Tony Adams praised Ozil for revealing his frustration.

I don’t mind that actually, there’s a little bit of spirit there. I don’t mind that. Maybe he should have done it before the game. Before the game take that attitude on to the pitch. “Tony was quoted saying Premier league productions.

Upon the game, he further added, “The game’s gone, It’s all over. If he’d got the frustration out before the game and say, “I’m really go and run around and do my stuff today. He’s frustrated, obviously.

Arsenal was trailing until the break until Adam Webster netted the first goal for the Brighton to embed fear as the players looked scared after the opening half confirmed Ljungberg.

In the second half Alexandre, however, found the back of the net to equalize the core but in the upcoming durations the Gunners miserably faded due to which Neal Maupay netted the winning goal for Brighton and the rest is history.

They look very short on confidence says the Interim manager in a post-match interview, he said, “In the first half they(Arsenal Players) were scared to get the ball and a bit scored to move, they were standing still. That’s something we need to talk about.

Pointing out confidence as the major lacking for the club he said’ “They need to have a win, we need to dig out a win and get them some confidence.

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