FIFA recent study shows that fans are interested to watch more men’s and women’s world cups

There was a recent study conducted by FIFA among fans in reference to world cups which resulted into 64 percent fans voting in favour of watching more frequent men and women’s world cups rather than waiting for every 4 years.


The survey was conducted between August 2021 to November 2021 which is a part of consultation process where all the stakeholders are involved and these surveys are conducted to involve football fans to take their opinion about conducting biennial World Cups which was proposed by current FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

“This has been one of the most comprehensive global sports market research studies ever conducted and the broadest,” said IRIS CEO Peter Weber of the survey, which included the use of market‑leading global panel providers such as YouGov, Dynata and CINT. “FIFA asked us to perform a study that was global in scope and respondents were drawn from a broadly representative number of member associations.”

Wenger who have been vocal supporter of conducting Biennial World Cups said in September that organising World Cups after every 2 years will leave a positive response on fans.

“Overall, I think I have got a very positive response, but this decision is a democratic decision and will be made certainly by the 211 countries who are affiliated to FIFA. I think that we continue to consult people,” Wenger had said.

“I’m not hesitant at all. I’m 100% convinced that what I propose is the right solution for the modern way to organise football. If people have better ideas, I’m open to it and I welcome every idea that is better than mine,” he said.

“I will not vote. I just make a proposal that I think will improve things and make life better for everybody, but especially make football better. That is my main target is not guided by anything else,” he added.

However there have been voices in International Football like Javier Tabas who is currently the president of La Liga have opposed this idea of organizing World Cups after every 2 years as the World Cup will lose his charm.

“A biennial World Cup is a threat not just to domestic football leagues but to the overall tradition of world football,” he said.

“It would require a reshuffle of the calendar that would disrupt the domestic leagues to the extend that interest would be lost and the continuity is jeopardised.This would have a cascading effect on the entire football pyramid, with fans losing interest in the sport. New competitions or playing more often will not help grow football, to the contrary.

“A biennial World Cup would worsen what we have today and not allow those who can to build and improve,” added Tebas.