Microchipped Smart Balls Might be in Action in Big Bash League

Microchipped Smart Balls

Microchipped Smart Balls:- To make the life easier for the umpires, Australian sports equipment company Kookaburra, has come up with unique technology by launching the cricket balls that will have a built-in smart micro0chip. The Microchipped Smart Ball has been developed in partnership with the tech company SportCor. The idea of this was initiated two years ago, since then the companies had been working extensively on turning this into reality. 

The embedded chip in the Smart Ball delivers quick stats of the deliveries being bowled, it’s release point, bounce after the release of the ball, ball speed, spin and swing. 

Microchipped Smart Balls

According to the reports, testing of the ball is in the final stages as the company is checking the accuracy of the statistics delivered by the Smart Ball. 

The largest manufacturer of the white cricket balls around the world, Kookaburra is looking to approach the Australian Big Bash T20 league with a vision to take the innovation to be used in International Cricket matches.

“Kookaburra has been at the forefront of innovation in cricket, from the first ever white balls used under lights in World Series Cricket, through to the pink balls now used for day/night tests,” Kookaburra managing director Brett Elliot said.

“Never before have we been so close to the action, nor have players and coaches had such insight to performance,” the company said. 

 Also adding “This gives us new and improved insights into the delivery that has never been seen before.”   

Talking about the plans ahead, SportCor chairman and also the former Australian pacer Michael Kasprowicz said that the Smart Ball will assist the Umpires in the situations like DRS (Decision Review System) and LBW. Also the fact that it will  aid the umpires during the close calls if the ball has touched the ground before or after the catch where the decisions are sometimes inconclusive and the where the on-field soft-decisions stay on most instances. The chip inside the core transmits information from the ball back to a phone or tablet app.

As of now, Big Bash League could witness the micro chip equipped Smart Ball as it will start from December 14 of this year till February 8, 2020. The success of the Smart Ball will decide its fate as this innovative technology in the game will be a game changer in the International cricket if proved fruitful in the following tournament. 

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