Meet Powerful Content Creators of Valorant India Invitational Tournament in detail

Valorant Invitational India

The Valorant India Invitational Tournament 2022, with emphasis on eight teams, will resume in less than 24 hours. At the GMR Arena in Hyderabad, where the main event will be held, a number of content creators who have made names for themselves will be meeting their fans.

This three-day event will run from November 18th, 2022, to November 20th, 2022, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. We’ll keep you informed in a different article regarding the schedule and groupings for this massive event.

I’ll go over each person on the list of content creators who will sign up for this competition one by one in the below tabular format:

Serial Number Content Creators Name Achievements
1 Tania Gaming Tania Gaming is one of the emerging Content Creators in Indian Esports community with a follower base of 11.5k subscribers & 15.6 k followers on Instagram
2 Ungraduate Gamer Ungraduate Gamer is an established Content Creator with a huge fan following of 7.97m subscribers on Youtube
3 Gaming Tamizhan Gaming Tamizhan is another content creators who never fails to entertain their fans with a fan base of 569k on their official Instagram page
4 Run Gaming Run Gaming is another in the list of established content creators with a fan base of 1.37m on Youtube
5 The Gamers Toys Gamer Toys is another in the list of emerging content creators with a follower base of 4.9k and he will be there at the event to meet fans

The event is billed as India’s largest Valorant Event Ever and has several notable names, such as paper rex (seen as one of the top 3 teams in Valorant) and Heretics (of whom m1xwell is a member).

With regard to upcoming developments, we’ll keep you informed in the articles that follow.

You can watch live streaming of all the matches on :

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