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Manchester United FC: Sport is a tool that units the peoples hailing from different countries and different religions. There are lots of sports that are more popular among peoples across the globe. Football ranks first among the sport that unites the people despite all other issues between them.

Football is the sport that has been played right from ancient times. The game becomes more popular in England and England spread this game to all of its colonial nations. Now football is the popular and richest sport among the other sports in the world. Professional clubs played an important role in the development and popularity of the football especially English professional clubs. One of the greatest football clubs in the history of the game is Manchester United.

History of Manchester United FC

Nicknamed as “Red Bulls”, the club was founded in the year of 1878 in Greater Manchester. Initially, it was named as Newton health football club and later changed its name to Manchester United in 1903. One of the consistent team in the history of the professional clubs and won more trophies than any other team in the world.

History of Manchester United FC

Their long list of trophies includes 20 league titles, 3-UEFA champions league titles, 1-UEFA Europa league, 20-league titles, 12-FA cups, and 5-league cups. The club becomes the first club to win UEFA champions league title, premier league, and FA Cup trophies in a calendar year.

Busby years

In 1945, Busby appointed as the manager of the Manchester United team that reached several heights from then. Busby successfully led the team to major titles during his period. Under him, in 1952 the team won its maiden FIRST division tournament. The average age of the team 22 and team members are called as busby babes by the media. He is instrumental in building the strong team and his successors followed the same path laid by him.

Sir Alex Ferguson Era

In 1958, an aircraft crash resulted in the death of eight of their team players. During the time busby played a pivotal role in motivating the other players and guided his team to come out of that tragedy. The rebuilding of the team took over the years and finally in 1968 they won the European cup final and becoming the first English team to win the title. In 1986 the club appointed Sir Alex Ferguson as their manager and there comes the turnaround.

Ferguson is regarded as the greatest manager in the history of English football, Not only in English football but also in the history of world football. Ferguson’s tenure is considered as the golden era in their history. Under him, the team went on to win 53 titles including 13-premier league titles 20-English league titles which is the record, 12-FA cup titles, 4-league cup titles, 3-European champions cup titles and 1-FIFA world cup title. Under him, the team becomes one of the greatest teams all around the world. 2013 he retired as the manager of the Manchester United but continues to remain in the team as the director of Manchester United. Now Jose Mourinho is the manager of the current set up.

Some Interesting facts about Manchester United

  • Manchester United appointed only two non-English managers in their history. Louis van Gaal and former manager Jose Mourinho are the two of them.
  • During the tenure of Sir Matt Busby, the team got the nickname as “red devils” and Busby Babes.
  • Manchester United made the history by becoming the first team to win “treble”- means winning UEFA champions league title, the premier league title, and FA Cup.
  • Wayne Rooney is the highest goal-scoring Englishmen in the history of the game.
  • One of the biggest upset in the Manchester United history came in the year of 1980 when their goalkeeper Gary Bailey saved three penalties against Ipswich Town but still Manchester United lost the match by massive margin 6-0
  • Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, and Peter Schmeichel are the one players in the history of the English football who won three doubles.
  • In 1956 the busby babes went to win the league title with the average age of just 22.
  • Manchester United registered the best ever margin victory in the English football history by defeating Ipswich town in 4th March 1995.
  • Manchester United shares the history with arsenal with the most number of FA cup titles.
Best Players in the history of Manchester United

Wayne Rooney

Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Peter Schmeichel, Wayne Rooney, Denis law, Paul Scholes are some of the greatest players in Manchester United history.

Upcoming Matches

Manchester United FC is going to participate in ongoing/upcoming tournaments like Premier League, UEFA Champions’ League.

One club that can be as prolific over the years are Manchester United and we can them to continue their legacy in the years to come.

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