Manchester City Esports players predicted bright future in UAE gaming

Manchester City, being regarded as of the celebrated football clubs in the world and have already entered into the space of Esports with their own team doing pretty well in different marquee events recently predicted the bright future in UAE gaming.

The players from Manchester City Esports domain stated that gaming sector in UAE will go from strength to strength after gamers from UAE took part in the qualifying round of the Manchester City eCup, and in those two day qualifiers held virtually, there was plenty of drama with every team as the event produced some of the breath-taking matches and the winner of that qualifier will get a chance to participate on 27th February main event. 

The final will be contested by Odai Daboul and Khaled Nabil Lofti, where the winner will bag whopping amount of $2,500 prize money.

According to statement given by Manchester City official to different media outlets who clearly stated that their eCup can serve as bigger platform to attract more people to UAE gaming.

“I think it’s great for a lot of people who are maybe casual players as local tournaments like the Man City eCup can give them the motivation and confidence to help them sign up for more tournaments which can lead them into eSports” one of the organizers from Manchester City ecup said.

“And the opportunity to play us as professionals in a 2v2 match is a great experience and we’re looking forward to seeing the talent in the UAE this weekend.”

“Having that competitive environment is something that can push you to get involved and experiences like this are great for those casual players who want to take that extra step. ESports can only get bigger, both in the UAE and region but also globally so this is an exciting step for gamers here.

“You have stars coming from all different nationalities and background, so the sky’s the limit. It will be really cool to see the players at Expo competing in this year’s eCup and we’ll see who ‘wows’ us from the region.”.

Expo 2020 Dubai and Etislat Feature will be featured on Esport shirt which players will wear in the upcoming event.