All we want to know about upcoming Pokemon Unite Championship 2022 series in detail

The Pokémon company” is all set to organize the largest mobile Esports tournament popularly abbreviated as “MOBA”. The tournament will start from February 2022 and It will be concluded with a World Championship in London.

The total prize pool of this competition will be 1million dollar USD . Variety of modes can be used by players to participate in the event which include Nintendo Switch, IOS and Android version of the game.

Taking more about the game “Pokemon Unite” it involves two teams consisting of five players each who will play against each other where they score points via map objectives.

This game was released in 2021 and Pokemon Company is further expanding their wings by entering into Esports ecosystem.

The tournament will be participated from players of different zones which include Europe, Japan, South America, North America, Oceania and South Korea.  All players above the age of 16 is eligible to participate in the marquee event.

The tournament will consist of regional qualifiers which will be immediately followed by monthly final. Players will win Championship points based on their performance in regional qualifiers and ultimately based on their scoring they will be advancing to Monthly final.

The best performing team will be competing at the “Pokemon World Championship” later in the year 2022. The open qualifier of this marquee event will be conducted on February 19th and 20th 2022.

Elaborating more about the game Pokemon Unite, it is an interesting game which adopts the formulae of mixing Pokémon, mobile and MOBAs. The game is still in initial stage and the high prize pool money set by them will engage more users to participate in the competition and it clearly indicates that the prize pool will increase from here onwards it’s all down to the popularity of the game in the first instance.

Esports in India is certainly breaching boundaries and connecting budding players from top tier to bottom tier cities perfectly with the introduction of vast games which can run smoothly on PC as well as on mobile. 

If reports are to be believed 86 percent revenues of Esport will come from mobile games so it is important for developers to built those mobile games which gives excitement, attractive user interface and simple rules which can engage more and more user to play these games.