Loco launches India’s first NFT platform for esports as Legends

The ecosystem of Esports is touching new heights with every passing day and the latest development which is catching the attention of ardent gamers is reference to the popular streaming platform “Loco” which launches their first NFT(Non-Fungible Tokens) platform for esports players and termed it “Legends”.

The platform Loco Legends will be partnering with Top 50 esports teams of India and will also provide an opportunities to fans so they can buy virtual collectibles and their first asset on Loco Legends will be called NFT esports cards.

Loco Legends

Every user who will be purchasing NFT trading cards will be allowed to trade in these and play free-to-play fantasy games.

All you want to know about Sports NFT in detail

“As a fan, you’ll get to own virtual merchandise or NFTs and the person can be a part of a game which utilises these NFTs,” said Loco co-founder Anirudh Pandita.

The platform is currently in Beta mode but will be expected to launch soon next month.

The company has already established partnership with established teams like 8bit, s0ul, Godlike, Revenant, Blind and XO who have made a name for themselves in different games like BGMI, FreeFire Max and Valorant.

Loco has a ready base of gaming enthusiast with 52 million users

“We are passionate about the potential of web3 to Empower creators and create new fan experiences in the gaming community. Gamers are the earliest adopters of new technology, and our community has shown a strong acceptance for these initiatives,” said co-founder Ashwin Suresh.

Initial 1000, people who will register will get access to free NFTS worth RS 500 each and it can be purchased through normal currency so that it can be made accessible to numerous people.

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