List of 5 Most Famous Baseball Tournaments -

List of 5 Most Famous Baseball Tournaments

Famous Baseball Tournaments : Baseball is actually a game where two teams defeat against one another. Like Cricket, Baseball is also a bat-and-ball game played between two teams. The main objective of the game is to hit the ball and run. It is true that today we get to see many baseball tournaments at international levels. It is a very popular game in Asia as well as in other countries also. This game consists 9 players who takes their turn in playing the offence and defence fields.

Baseball game has evolved from the old bat-and-ball game that had evolved in England like around in somewhat 18th century. The team who scores the most of the runs is the winner of the game. The Baseball World cup was one of the internal games that allow the national baseball teams to compete with one another in this tournament. World Baseball Championship is considered as the one of the Major League games. Till when it had started, the World cup was held all over 38 times.

Some of the leading male Baseball players of all time are listed below:-

  1. Babe Ruth
  2. Willie Mays
  3. Barry Bonds
  4. Ted Williams
  5. Hank Aaron
  6. Walter Johnson
  7. Ty Cobb
  8. Stan Musial
  9. Honus Wagnur
  10. Roger Clemens and many more.

And some of the leading female Baseball players are:-

  1. Mamie Johnson
  2. Eri Yoshida
  3. Ila Borders
  4. Toni Stone
  5. Sarah Hudek
  6. Stacy Piagno
  7. Kelsie Whitmore
  8. Connie Morgan
  9. Alta Weiss
  10. Anna Kimbrel etc

Now in here are some of the notable and popular Baseball Tournaments which are being discussed.

National League

National League

The most commonly used other name of National League is National League of Professional Baseball Clubs. When the American Association began its first play in 1882, then the National League encountered its first strong rival organisation. But the National League suffered from a lack of strong authority over clubs, unstable membership of cities, and also gives an extremely low entry fee. This National League was founded in February 2nd in the year 1876.

But this Leagues formation calls the end of the old National Association. Even we see that in their ten-year coexistence, the National League and the American Association participated in the World Series.

Little League Baseball

Little League Baseball

Little League Organisation is the one which organises local youth baseball and soft ball leagues. This League was founded in 1939 by Cark Stotz. This League actually encourages the local volunteers to organise and operate little league programs. In the year of 1947, the first ever Little League Baseball World Series was played in Williamsport.

The Little League Baseball World Series is the best known event on the Little League Baseball and Softball calendar. This League is just one of the nine World Series conducted by Little League International every year in different parts of the world. The Little League Baseball Division is just for the boys and girls who are between the ages 9-12 years of ages. In 1989, Little League even has provided various opportunities for the children who are physically and intellectually challenged.

It has several divisions for the children mainly based on their age. Like the Little League Softball, Junior League Softball, Senior League Softball, and Big League Softball. It is small game with innings of just 6.

Minor League Baseball

Minor League Baseball

The members who come under the umbrella organisation are known as the Minor League Baseball. In the year of 1868, the Minor League Baseball was founded. National televisions like CBS Sports Network air 10-15 games daily on Thursday night. Whereas apart from this, MiLB.TV is the official video streaming services of Minor League Baseball.

Even the players of this League have received many awards. Present Minor League has divided its league into one of six classes. They are Triple-A, Double A, Class A-Advanced, Class-A, Class-A Short Session and the Rookie. Rookie who is further subdivided into Rookie Advanced, Complex-Based Rookie and International Summer Baseball.

American League

American League

Though Baseball is played all around the world but it is typically known as an American sport. American League is further considered as one of the two Leagues that make up the Major League Baseball in the United States of America and Canada. This League is even sometimes known as the Junior Circuit . Even we see that the American League team have won many titles like 65 of 113 of the World Series.

The American League was established in 1901 and Frank Robinson was the honorary president of this American League. Some of the oldest Baseball teams of America are Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies and many more. Recently in 2017, the American League champion was the Houston Astros. When a country gets the winning title, the whole country gets overwhelmed with joy. The moment when the entire team hold the cup is a memory rejoiced by all the people of the country.

Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball

MLB or the Major League Baseball is normally one of the oldest of the major professional sports league in the States and Canada. The major commissioner of the Major League was Rob Manfred . This league consists of total 30 teams. This league is generally governed by the Major League Baseball Constitution. Even it maintains a controlling relationship over the sport including most of the aspects of Minor League Baseball.

MLB Advanced Media is the multimedia branch of MLB. One can enjoy live broadcast of this league from  these broadcasters like the ESPN, etc. Multiple trophies and awards are being received by this every year. The Commissioners Trophy is presented to the Major League by the Commissioner of Baseball. Among all Ty Cobb, Stan Musial and many more players are listed as the top players of the Major League Baseball.

Apart from these tournaments, there are also some other tournaments of Baseball like Women’s Baseball World cup, Baseball at Summer Olympics, Intercontinental Cup, Worlds baseball Classic and some more.

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