Let’s talk about the best ways to earn Virtual currency in NBA 2k23 in detail

Virtual Currency(VC) plays a pivotal role in NBA 2k23 as they are essentially a pay-to-win feature as players are allowed to buy tons and it will work in your favor to build a strong foundation. 

Let’s explore 5 ways through which you can earn Virtual Currency(VC) in NBA 2k23 in detail: 

5. Play MyCareer on a high difficulty: In order to earn more Virtual Currency(VC) in the game you need to play MyCareer on much higher difficulty and this method very well works in favor of inexperienced players. 

4. Download the myNBA2k23 app on your phone: The myNBA2k23 app is available on both Android and IOS devices in a matter of days. You can simply earn VC by logging inside the app by playing a few games that are available in the app. 

3. Get the daily rewards in the city: In order to win more virtual currency, as player you need to engage in features that offer daily rewards all you need to do is to head there where the city is based and spin the wheel to unlock special reward. 

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2. Checkout Locker Codes: There are limited 2k Locker codes given to community from time to time and also they have expiration date, but if you redeem these codes on time you can earn VC on spending time on Myteam or Mycareer. 

1.  Play Online matches in Play now: You can secure a chance to earn 400 VC by playing Online match where you can receive an extra bonus in case you beat your opponent. 

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