5 Reasons why Esports can easily overtake cricket popularity in India?

Do you remember “Mario” a popular video game character who is etched in the heart and minds of all Indian video game lovers even if you are someone who is not interested in Esports but still this character Mario may have caught your attention to detail.

The question arises that the growing popularity of Esport in the Indian sporting landscape still at a nascent stage has the potential to overpower Cricket popularity in India in times to come. Let’s explore those reasons in detail: 

  • In the 70s and 80s, the Internet was the new phenomenon, the word “Cloud” was never related to storage or computation and personal computers were making their early entries in Indian markets. 


  • From 1980s to 2020, Technological advancement has happened in multifold ways and this is the biggest reason Esports has found foothold in Indian market 

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  • Constant support from corporate and brands has paved new way for Esports in India and social community and social media have majorly changed the gaming landscape in the country.
  • Based on reports in different media outlets, around 60 percent people in India currently lies with the age group of below 25 years old and Esport primary audience in GENZ(Someone who is born in 1998 and onwards) so that audience will engage more on Esports rather than cricket.
  • Cricket is still played by 12-16 member nations whereas Esports is diverse and have presence of distinct teams from all over the world so footprints of Esports is immense and if the phenomena is quite big in world sporting landscape it will certainly leave footprints in Indian sporting landscape to a wider extent.

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