Kohli will score 110 International Century and break Tendulkar’s record easily: Shoaib Akhtar

Virat Kohli

Shoaib Akhtar, a star bowler for Pakistan, is renowned for being frank and unafraid to voice his opinions in front of the media.

He recently visited Oman to represent Asia Lions in the Legends League Cricket and had the opportunity to speak with ANI.

He discussed a wide range of subjects, including Virat Kohli’s magnificent form with the willow, stating that “Kohli is a brand and the way he has evolved as a batter is similar to none. His ability to easily score hundreds serves as a terrific example for others. I have a strong instinct that whenever Kohli finishes his career, he will exceed Tendulkar’s record of 100 international hundreds by scoring 110” Akhtar told ANI. 

It will offer him a fantastic sense of freedom to go out there and express himself in the middle, according to Akhtar, who said that Kohli doesn’t have any mental strain and is no longer the captain of the Indian national team.

Kohli returning in shape is nothing new to him, he said, because it was about time he regained his rhythm.

Akhtar also addressed the India vs. Pakistan Asia Cup debate, saying that if India didn’t want to travel to Pakistan, they could instead play the main event in Sri Lanka.

He also mentioned a funny incident during his term in India where he said “I was working in media so much that my fellow friends in India and Pakistan have told me to apply for Aadhar Card”.

Akhtar has been in awe of Virat Kohli which we have seen in his numerous interviews “If any cricketer wants to become brand in the game of cricket they should keep him (Kohli) as his idol. Look at the way he has groomed himself pretty well and he means business and whenever he speaks in front of the camera he seems confident”.

Kohli currently is the biggest brand in World Cricket which is pretty evident by the amount of fan following he enjoys on and off the field.