“Why Should I restrict myself when it comes to …..” said Legendary Fast Bowler Shoaib Akhtar on Praising Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli and Akhtar

Several cricketers want to use Virat Kohli’s name to remain in the spotlight so that people would talk about them because he is already a household figure.

Virat Kohli rarely responds to anything that is depressing about him in the media because he is so calm and collected about it.

One of the most dedicated cricketers competing in this contemporary setting is considered to be Kohli.

He’s hailed as the best of this generation as well.

For die-hard cricket fans, the right-handed Delhi batsman has been an icon of the game.

Speaking about the most recent development, Shoaib Akhtar praised Virat Kohli on national television, saying that he has changed remarkably over time.

“If someone wants to learn the art of placing yourself and focusing on talking entire control of your career is something you can learn from him,” remarked Akhtar. “Kohli has become a brand in cricket.”

Said he “People frequently ask me why I continuously compliment Virat Kohli, and the answer is rather straightforward: because he has excelled in all circumstances against top-tier opposition.

He is adept at acting in front of the camera.

As Akhtar put it, “Players like Kohli are only produced once every generation, and as such, their hard ethics and achievements in cricket shouldn’t  be criticised and deserve equal praise.

Akhtar has been vocal about, becoming PCB President for quite some time but his wish is not fulfilled.

Recently Ramiz Raja told him “Delusional Superstar” who only knows to criticise others and pull each other down.

Ramiz concluded by stating that “In order to become PCB President Akhtar needs to complete his graduation degree which he didn’t have at the moment.

Without that his dream will remain unetched.