Kavita Raut Tungar Biography: Age, Awards, Achievements & Net Worth

Kavita Raut Tungar Biography: Hailing from Nashik City in Maharashtra, Kavita Tungar represents India in long-distance running. She has a bronze medal to her name in 10,000 metres race at Commonwealth Games 2010 & a silver medal in 10,000 metres race at Asian Games in 2010.


Kavita has embraced her tough environment and achieved success in her life. Kavita Raut is one of those athletes who come from a hard backdrop. Besides her financial limitations, the 34-year-old athlete chose running as a career. Initially, she did training by running 20km barefoot to & from her school. After 14 days of intense training, the 16-year-old Kavita won her first National silver medal. Kavita also has an elder and younger brother. She started running to provide a better life to her family.



The talented athlete was born on 5th May 1985 in Sawarpada (a village near Harsul), Nashik, Maharashtra in India. Born in a tribal family, Kavita faced a lot of hardships before setting her athletic career. In Nashik, running was not just a sport! The people in Nashik run hours to get water, to get to school and to reach out to their daily necessities. Her environment helped her to bring out an excellent athlete inside her. Kavita specialised in long-running because it was inexpensive and she was able to train barefoot also. Although Kavita wished to be a sportsperson her family was not that financially strong. Her hard environment didn’t stop her from dreaming & achieving it.

In 2011, Raut built up Ekalavya Athletics and Sports Institute in Nashik. Her foremost sight behind this step was to create a trouble-free way for young athletes. Raut also funds her students’ education.

In 2013, Kavita married to Mahesh Tungar, a mechanical engineer at Maharashtra Power Generation Company, Nashik.


Kavita made headlines after earning a bronze medal at Asian Athletics Championships 2009 at Guangzhou. Following her victory in 2009, she earned a bronze medal (10,000 m race) at Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi. This achievement turned out to be the first individual track medallist after Mikha’s Singh’s gold at Cardiff Commonwealth Games 1958. Raut created history and became the first Indian medal woman athlete to earn an individual track medal in Commonwealth Games.

In 2010, the brilliant athlete won a silver medal (10,000 m race) at Asian Games, Guangzhou where she clocked 31:51:44 & this became her personal best. At the same event, Preeja Sreedharan also earned a gold medal and this gave two achievements for India.

In 2011, Raut started 5000/10,000 m double at National Games of India & she successfully set records in both the events.

Raut clench an Indian National record (10 km road running) at Sunfeast World 10k, Bangalore with a clock time 34:32.

In 2012, Kavita Raut was honoured with Arjuna Award and in 2015, Suvarnaratna Award.


  • Arjuna Award, 2012
  • Suvarnaratna Award, 2015



  • Silver:2010, Guangzhou: 10,000 m
  • Silver: 2010, Guangzhou: 5000 m

COMMONWEALTH GAMES: Bronze: 2010, Delhi: 10,000 m


  • Name: Kavita Tungar
  • Nickname: Kavita, Raut, Tungar
  • Sport: Track & field
  • Events- long distance running
  • Father’s name: NOT UPDATED
  • Mother’s name: NOT UPDATED
  • Husband’s name: Mahesh Tungar
  • Height: 157 cm (5 ft 2 in)
  • Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)
  • Eye colour: black
  • Hair colour: black
  • Date of birth: 05 May 1985
  • Age: 34 years
  • Birth place: Nashik, Maharashtra, India
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Hometown: Maharashtra
  • Religion: Hindu


Athlete Kavita Raut made headlines when she denied her fellow runner, OP Jaisha’s complaint against the Indian officials. Jaisha claimed that the officials were unconcerned at Rio Olympics during women’s marathon. To this Raut said that the Athletics Federation of India had catered all the necessary facilities & she has no complaint against AFI. Other than this, Raut has only made headlines for numerous achievements & praiseworthy performances.


The estimated net worth of  Kavita Raut is 1M.


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