Jasprit Bumrah finally reveals the secret behind his unusual bowling action


Indian speedster Jasprit Bumrah has become the most special player for Indian cricket team in the past few years. He is currently falling in the same league of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma for Indian Cricket Team star players. If Kohli and Sharma are the most important pillars of Indian batting then it will not be ironic to say that Jasprit Bumrah is the mainstay of Indian Bowling.

With his sheer dedication and hard work, he has become one of the best bowlers in the word across all formats.

He has seen the rapid rise in the International cricket since making his International debut for 2016. Taking about Jasprit Bumrah’s bowling, it can be judged through his records as he is the only bowler who has taken five-wicket hauls in South Africa, England, Australia, and West Indies apart from the hat-trick in Test cricket as well.


During the conversation with Ian Bishop and Shaun Pollock on the ICC podcast, Bumrah revealed the reason for his unorthodox bowling action by revealing some of the secrets behind that. 

The best thing that he talked about himself that he never had proper coaching and most of his bowling that he has learned by watching top-class bowlers on television which he explained in detail “Basically, I have never been coached a lot,” Bumrah said during the ICC podcast. “No professional coaching or camps. To date, everything is self-taught, everything, through TV, videos. There is no proper reason for action. I have never really listened to people who told me that action needs to be changed, kept on developing on strengths if I could have self-belief”.

He further added that “My run-up is because of that as we didn’t have so much of space, so this (8 step run-up) is the longest that you could have had, maybe this could have been the case. I have tried longer run-up and nothing changes, speed is still the same so why to run so much.”

Bumrah also talked about the Dukes ball which is manufactured in England makes the game balanced between the batters and bowlers as compared to SG or Kookaburra.

Where he also talked about his love for Duke Ball as he stated “I love bowling with Dukes. It seems it swings, so basically when you have a little bit of help, it does help as it is difficult to be a fast bower with grounds getting shorter and wickets getting flattered,” the 26-year-old said. “So if the ball does something, it becomes even competition. So you feel you are in the game. With no help, you only have few things to play with. So I enjoy bowling most with Dukes ball.”

He was also asked about the outswinger he developed by Ian Bishop to which Bumrah replied “I always want to bring new things. My different actions, maybe once or twice people will be surprised, but they will find you out. So you need to improve and keep on evolving.”

He concluded by saying that “So I had the outswinger but when I came into the international set-up, I wasn’t confident about it, maybe it wasn’t coming out well, maybe the pace, you should have the feel of it. Slowly, you work on it in the nets. In the West Indies, the ball (Dukes with a pronounced seam) was helpful, conditions were helpful,”.

He has developed himself in such a way and brought a lot of variations in his bowling so if opposition play against India the competition is mostly about their batting versus Jasprit Bumrah’s bowling as how they need to score against him.