Jaipur Jaguars finishes their RKL season 2 campaign at 3rd position in an eliminator match

RKL season 2

The Final day of the Real Kabaddi League season 2 is here. After a wait of 10 days we have the Finalists of the RKL 2022. Before the Final begins between the Shekhawati Kings and Chambal Pirates, the first fixture of the evening will see the Jaipur Jaguars lock horns with Singh Soorma for the 3rd and 4th place.

Jaipur Jaguars finished the league stages at the summit of the points table losing only one match in the whole tournament. The Jaguars were highly favourites to win the tournament because of the way they announced themselves in front of their opponents right from the first match. Despite playing a creative and energetic brand of Kabaddi, they failed to enter the Finals after losing to Shekhwati Kings on Semi-Final 1.

Singh Soorma on the other hand were struggling initially in the league stages but they were able to book a spot for themselves in the semis on the last Match day of the RKL. They defeated Mewar Monks and Jodhana Warriors on the final day but they had to suffer defeat to the hands of Chambal Pirates in Semi-Final 2.

The 3rd and 4th place match is scheduled to begin from 5:30PM onwards. Both the teams will be looking to win this match and end the tournament on a high note.

Jaipur Jaguars

The first point of the match went in favour of the Singh Soorma by raider Hitesh. Number 3 Hardeep scores one point in do or die raid. Hardeep caught by Singh soorma defence as he tried to steal another point. Jaguars’ captain Aman Malik acquires his first point of match. Shri Bhagwan successfully gets a bonus point. Brilliant tackle by the Jaipur defence as they win another point.

Raider Hitesh from Singh soorma comfortably walks away with a point to his name. Do or die raid for Jaguar raider Hardeep and he lopsided the Soorma defence to make it 4-6 but the Jaipurites are still trailing by 2 points. Do or die raid for Singh soorma and Teenu almost stole 3 points but props to the Jaguars’ defence. Singh Soorma leading by points as the score line is 6-8. Outstanding raid by Hitesh as he eliminates two Jaipur defenders, Soormas increase their lead by 4 points.

Jaipur Captain Aman gets a point on a Do or die raid followed by a great defensive display but the Jaguars are still trailing by 2 points. 5 minutes remaining for the first half to to end and Hardeep from Jaguars with a Do or die raid and wins a point to make it 10-10. The Jaipurites are slowly making a comeback. Do or Die for Singh Soorma but Jaipur defence comes out on top. Splendid raid by Aman Malik to get the Soormas all out for the first time in this match.

Jaguars are now beginning to dominate the game with less than 3 minutes remaining for the first half. Score line at the end of the first 20 minutes – 18-11 in favour of the Jaipur Jaguars. Despite making a dominating start, the Soormas have dramatically fallen behind after an impressive turnaround by the Jaipur Jaguar players.

The second half begins with a cunning raid by Hardeep to make it 19-11. Hitesh picks up a point for Singh soorma in a Do or Die raid. Still a lot of work is needed to be done for the Soormas as they are still trailing by 6 points. Shri Bhagwan with an emphatic raid but Aman Malik makes it 21-14. Pressure surmounting for the Soormas, Shri Bhagwan with another raid and picks up another point. Jaguar’s lead cut short by 4 points. Do or Die raid for Jaipur Jaguars and raider Aman Malik comes back with 2 points.

Powerful tackle by Jaipur Defender Deepanshu Khatri to increase their lead by 8 points. Super tackle by Singh soorma but they are still behind by 7 points. Do or die raid for Singh Soorma but the Jaipur defence over powers the raider to make it 26-19. 

The last 5 minutes of the game were quite interesting as the difference between these two sides was meagre where Jaguars were standing at 26 points in response to soorma 21 points both the teams decided that they subsquently gain points in do or die raid which is often touted as 3rd raid of the game.

It was all down to last 3 minutes which decided the fate of the game where both teams tried hard but the one who held his nerve and showed supremacy when it comes to skills was shown by Jaipur Jaguars who emerged as the winner of this contest finished at 3rd position at this marquee event.

Stay Tuned for more updates related to finalist and runner up in our next article.

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