Let’s talk about the remaining teams of Real Kabaddi League season 2 in detail

In the previous article of the Real Kabaddi League Season 2, Sportscraazy revealed all the players and head coaches from only 2 teams that are participating in the (RKL). Today, sportscraazy will disclose all the players and head coaches from the remaining 6 teams as the premier Kabaddi tournament starts from tomorrow.

Singh Soorma

Head Coach – Rohit Dhamkad


  1. Shri Bhagwan (Captain) (Position) – Raider
  2. Hitesh (Position) – Raider
  3. Rahul Nehra (Position) – R. Cover
  4. Yogender (Position) – Raider
  5. Gaurav (Position) – R. Cover/Corner
  6. Rocky (Position) – L. Cover/Corner
  7. Badal (Position) – Raider
  8. Ajay Kumar (Position) – L. Cover
  9. Teenu (Position) – Raider
  10. Devender (Position) – R. Cover/ Corner
  11. Rahul (Position) – R. Cover
  12. Ajay Tomar (Position) – L. Cover
  13. Krishan (Position) – All rounder
  14. Prince (Position) – R. Cover

Singh Soorma’s team looks very young and promising. They have solidified every single position and the Soormas will hope to begin the season with a win against the Aravali Kings.

Mewar Monks

Head Coach – Ajay Kasandi


  1. Jatin (Captain) (Position) – Raider
  2. Harman (Position) – R. Corner
  3. Sumit (Position) – R. Corner
  4. Vinay (Position) – All Rounder
  5. Anil (Position) – All Rounder
  6. Mohit (Position) – R. Cover
  7. Deepak Bazzad (Position) – L. Cover
  8. Himanshu (Position) – Raider
  9. Ratan Lal (Position) – Raider
  10. Kamal Singh (Position) – L. Cover
  11. Sonu (Position) – All Rounder
  12. Kamal Pal (Position) – R. Corner

The Mewar Monks accumulated an exciting team during the trials. The owners and the Head coach will hope for instant results from the team. Mewar Monks will lock horns with Chambal Pirates in their opening match of the season.

Jodhana Warriors

Head Coach – Arun Attri


  1. Deepak Kumar (Captain) (Position) – R. Corner
  2. Rohit Malik (Position) – Raider
  3. Dinesh (Position) – Raider
  4. Rohit Kumar (Position) – L. Corner
  5. Shourya (Position) – R. Cover
  6. Ambuj (Position) – L. Cover
  7. Bhumit (Position) – R. Cover
  8. Aniket (Position) – Raider
  9. Sagar (Position) – All Rounder
  10. Mohit (Position) – R. Cover

Jodhana Warriors and Jaipur Jaguars will face each other on the season opener tomorrow at 7:00 PM. The Warriors will look to win their opening fixture and they do have a team which can surprise any opponent. 

“There is a flaw in Indian Kabaddi at domestic level which needs to be erradicated” reveals Shubham Choudhary, Founder and CEO of RKL in an exclusive conversation with us

Chambal Pirates

Head Coach – Ram Mehar Rathi


  1. Dheeraj (Captain) (Position) – Raider
  2. Ajay Kumar (Position) – Raider
  3. Badal (Position) – Raider
  4. Rahul (Position) – R. Cover
  5. Adarsh (Position) – L. Cover
  6. Harsh (Position) – R. Cover
  7. Yash (Position) – L. Cover
  8. Ajay Kumawat (Position) – Raider
  9. Abhishek (Position) – R. Cover
  10. Musaddiq (Position) – L. Cover
  11. Deepak (Position) – R. Cover
  12. Mukesh (Position) – Raider
  13. Hanuman (Position) – Corner/ Raider
  14. Suraj (Position) – L. Cover

The Chambal Pirates have some really exciting Raiders who can change the complexion of any given match. 

Jaipur Jaguars

Head Coach – Pawan Ahlawat


  1. Aman (Captain) (Position) – Raider
  2. Sahil (Position) – Raider
  3. Hardeep (Position) – Raider
  4. Deepanshu (Position) – R. Corner
  5. Ankush (Position) – L. Corner
  6. Dheeraj (Position) – R. Cover
  7. Mangi (Position) – L. Cover
  8. Anuj (Position) – Raider
  9. Mohit (Position) – L. Corner
  10. Harsh (Position) – R. Cover
  11. Sumit (Position) – L. Cover/Raider
  12. Rahul (Position) – Raider

The Jaipur Jaguars have a lot at stake this season as the Jaguars are representing the capital city of Rajasthan. The owners and their Head coach Pawan Ahlawat will look to win their maiden RKL trophy.

Aravali Eagles

Head Coach – Netrapal


  1. Manni (Captain) (Position) – R. Cover/ All Rounder
  2. Sagar (Position) – Defender
  3. Manohar (Position) – R. Corner
  4. Deepak (Position) – L. Cover
  5. Kundan (Position) – Raider
  6. Sumit (Position) – Raider
  7. Irfan (Position) – Raider
  8. Mohit (Position) – Raider
  9. Vansh (Position) – All rounder
  10. Arjun (Position) – L. Cover
  11. Harsh (Position) – Raider

 The Aravali Eagles will be playing in the RKL for the first time. They picked players with a lot of caliber during the trials and the eagles will be hoping to win the RKL on their very first season.

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