Let’s focus on Kabaddi Skills aspect shown by players in Real Kabaddi League?

In our past articles, we have often talked about the entertainment aspect of the Real Kabaddi League but in this article, we will share some key pointers about the Kabaddi skills on display in the recently concluded edition of Real Kabaddi League.

*Players were quick on the mat and implemented their strategies wholeheartedly and never let the momentum of the game slip away on the hands of opposition.

* They were tactful when it comes to do or die raid(which is 3rd raid of the match for a particular raider in case that raider is not able to make any point in that raid he is considered out from the game).

*The defence was spot on too with their game reading skills as they always aimed for opposition best raiders to catch them and earn points for their side.

* The Captaincy quotient could have been improved as there were times when too much reliability on captain to score points for his side put imminent pressure on skipper.