Is ‘The Big Dog’ on Cover for WWE 2K20 Video Game?

Big Dog Roman Reings Photo

Big Dog on Cover for WWE 2K20: 1990’s kids would relate to times when we used to play WWE at our homes by delivering frog splashes, choke-slams, pedigrees and even use our pillows as chairs. As times evolved, the game went from the rooms, into the TV sets. Who can forget those lifetime memories that not only made our childhood awesome, but also trigger our love for the game on joystick. Moving your favorite wrestler as you in the ring is just what a WWE fan would dream of, and has now been doing for over a decade now.

Big Dog Roman Reings Photo

WWE as a video game is being developed for those fans who aren’t quite ready to enter the ring or jump off the top rope, hence, those digital experiences allow them to get closer to the game by stepping into their favorite superstar’s boots, whether it be the Hulkster or the People’s Champion or Stone Cold or Cerebral Assassin Triple H.

In the last 10 years, WWE has proffered a lot of improvements in the format of its video game appearance. From graphics to wild card superstars like Golberg and Kurt Angle, who had been out of focus, were also added to deliver the gaming experience to the next level. Many WWE superstars have got a chance to be on the cover page of WWE games that includes

Triple H in WWE SmackDown & Raw 2007,

John Cena, Taker & Bobby Lashley in 2008

DX in 2009

Taker, Cena, Orton 7 Mysterio in 2010

Big Show, Cena and The Miz in 2k11

Randy Orton in 2k12

Stone Cold 7 CM Punk in 2k13

The Rock in 2k14

John Cena in 2k15

Stone Cold in 2k16

Brock Lesnar in 2k17

Seth Rollins in 2k18

AJ Styles in 2k19

In the last 10-12 years, we have witnessed all the greatest WWE legends on the WWE video game cover page, but who is going to be the next in line for 2k20 is a matter of curiosity. WWE2K20 game series will be released very soon, and sources suggested that Becky Lynch or Roman Reigns could be the cover page for the next season.

With the recent return of The Big Dog after beating down leukemia,he has enlisted himself among the contenders to be the front face for the upcoming video series, whereas Becky Lynch, having a great year so far, won the Royal Rumble and then bagged both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships at WrestleMania 35 by defeating Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey in the first women’s WrestleMania main event, is also up there in the race.

Along with these two big names in WWE, Kofi Kingston & Kevin Owens are also waving in for 2k20 video game cover photo as Kingston has won his first WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 35 this year. On the other hand, Kevin Owens crashed his dark side character in WWE, putting himself as a fan-favorite for the time being. His recent fresh finisher as a stunner i.e., the trademark move of Stone Cold Steve Austin also put him in the limelight among WWE fans once again.

With the growing excitement of who would be seen on 2k20 cover page, WWE Universe is also craving for 2k20 video game superstar roster. Many fans are looking forward to the upcoming WWE video game from 2K to witness improvements or surprises are in store.

WWE game lovers are hoping to see Hulk Hogan back as a playable character in the upcoming 2k20 video game. WWE legends like Andre The Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage, Eli Drake, who was also previously seen in 2013-14, could be the part of gaming roster. WWE COO Triple H would surely involve some new NXT talent as playable character in the video games, aiding them to get attention from the WWE Universe.

If you agree with any one of the speculated names to be on the cover, whom would it be, and why; or whom will we find in 2k20 game superstar roster this time. The curiosity is pumping fast on these speculations, and fans cannot wait to see how it transpires.

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