Trump Cards In The Indian Team For World Cup 2019

India's Trump card for World Cup

India’s Trump Card For World Cup: World cup 2019 is here and every nation is preparing for the mega event which is happening in England and it is expected to be the toughest world cup ever for every team. The main reason for 2019 world cup being the toughest is that the entire format is different and in 44 years of world cup history, it is the first time that world cup is happening in this format. This world cup will not have any super eight round or quarterfinal round like it happened all these years. It will just have 10 teams participating and they will be playing against each other once and top 4 teams will be playing in the semifinal.

Many experts have given a thumbs up for this format and have said that it will be the toughest world cup and this world cup will see the real world champions as a team will be facing every participating team at least once in the tournament. Round Robin format is must and if you want to come out as champion, then you must be able to clear all the hurdles before kissing the trophy.

 India's Trump Card For World Cup

This is the challenge this format has posted on the team captains. All the teams have announced world cup squads and there are happiness and disappointment among all the players of every country as some might be happy with team selection and some might cry foul on selectors. Even with experts, there will be a difference of opinion every time when it comes to team selection.

There is nothing wrong in it, it has become the nature of the cricket circle as opinions fly high every time especially when a world cup squad is announced, in fact, it is for the world cup, the team is built for four years in matches played through those days. Every player will have a dream to represent his country, when that dream is fulfilled, then it does not stop there, it gets switched to the even main dream that is representing country in the world cup, when he gets selected, it does not get stopped there too, it gets to the even biggest dream of winning the world cup for the country. Every team has their set of batsmen ready, all-rounder ready, bowlers ready. But to win a global even like ICC cricket world cup, every team needs an X factor do it and that X factor comes from the situation were their trump cards are used properly.

This is where the brilliance in the captaincy comes up and the usage of trump card in the right situation decides the fate of the world cup. Especially, in the toughest world cup like the 2019 version, using trump cards correctly against the right opposition will be a key factor which decides the fate of the journey of the team in the world cup. If it is done rightly, the dream of winning the world cup is not so far. In today’s column, let us discuss trump cards in the Indian squad for the cricket world cup 2019 in the beautiful land of British.

Vijay Shankar

Vijay Shankar

India’s Trump Card For World Cup:– Vijay Shankar’s fate cannot be as beautiful as it was in the selection process of the 2019 World cup. He was out of the Indian team and had no hope of playing for India for a while after his ordinary performances in few games. But then came the moment were they say, never quit, you never know how close you are, like they say luck hits to those who hard work and Controversy in the coffee with Karan saw Lokesh Rahul and Hardik Pandya getting banned which opened the selection door for Vijay Shankar in ODI  series in New Zealand and Australia. This time around, he made full use of the opportunity and scored some valuable runs and also bowled some good over to mark his footprint as an all-rounder in the Indian side.

Then it became Hardik Pandya Vs Vijay Shankar in the race for the world cup squad. In the IPL, Hardik Pandya made an inhuman in prints with his world-class hitting which made him an automatic choice for the fast bowling all-rounder in the world cup squad. But at the same time, Vijay Shankar has improved and being a batsman playing with responsibility made him the talk of the town for the crucial number 4 spot in the world cup 2019, this is when Rayadu lost his form and paved the way for Vijay Shankar to Perform in the world cup for India. Now, what makes him the trump card option in the team?

No, you cannot use a batsman Vijay Shankar as a trump card in the Indian side in any game, but when opposite teams plan for five bowlers and one of those bowler leaks runs in crucial situation, then comes the bowler Vijay Shankar from out of syllabus as he is a professional seam bowler whose bowling will suitable to the conditions in England. This makes him that x-factor in the world cup 2019. What makes this as a big advantage is a fact that he is not just a part-time seamer, he is that bowler who can bowl ten over with accuracy as he is a regular bowler in domestic cricket. He is also excellent fielder and all these qualities in him earned him the world cup squad and it is completely justified.

Lokesh Rahul

Lokesh Rahul

India’s Trump Card For World Cup:- The dashing right-hander from Karnataka may have been in a bad phase in red ball cricket, but when it comes to the white ball, his quality as the batsman is seen and he is one of the dangerous players in the world when he gets going. His shots are classy and tremendous that makes him devastating hitter on his day and he also has the calm and composure to handle pressure in a tough situation. Now, the question might arise in your head that, how can Lokesh Rahul be used as a trump card?

His adapting ability makes him the trump card:

He is one of the most aggressive players in the team and he also shows aggression in batting but not when batting at the crucial time and also at the beginning of the innings. Unlike most of the batsmen of his caliber, He is not the player who goes for the hit in every ball he faces in the middle but he will surely punish you if you ever give him width and go for a short ball. He takes time to settle down himself, plays ground shots and takes enough time to get going with full flow and that is when he hits that towering sixes.

Lokesh Rahul  India's Trump Card For World Cup

He is the batsman who can smash ground shots in a very perfect manner and that will help the team in laying a super score which will be a great foundation to win the game, remember that a good start is always a 30 percent of the match won for the team. The main reason him being the trump card is, he can play as a reserve opener in the squad and he can also play that crucial number 4 batsman in crunch games as he has all the ability to do that. So, if nothing works out at number 4 position, he can play in the number 4 position and score runs for the team in 2019 cricket world cup.

Kuldeep Yadav

India’s Trump Card For World Cup:- When pacers go for runs, he is the man who can give India crucial breakthroughs and he will be able to do it in a perfect manner where he comes up with his magical deliveries to dismiss any best batsman in the world. So, using him correctly will be very crucial in the world cup. He is the most precious trump card for the Indian team in the upcoming world cup 2019. His main ability is that he has that main mystery balls in his kitty and he will not always use those balls and that is something which is not allowing the batsman to pick him up.

Kuldeep Yadav India's Trump Card For World Cup

He uses that when the mindset of the batsman is to score runs as that will make batsmen forget judging the ball and that is the place, he cheats the best in the world and get their wickets. He can stop runs in the middle overs which adds pressure and that helps the bowlers who bowl in death over and this is why we say Kuldeep Yadav is one of the dangerous and toughest bowlers to face in this world cup.

Yuzvendra Chahal

One more trump card to the list is Chahal and India made the right decision to invest in him years ago and it looks like it has paid off. His wrong ones are going to be crucial in the world cup and on his day, he will surely come out with a 6- wicket haul which will win the game for the team.

Yuzvendra Chahal India's Trump Card For World Cup

Hope these trump cards are used correctly and India come up with their third title in the world cup.

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