Will 2019 IPL affect team India’s Performance in World Cup?

Will 2019 IPL affect team India’s Performance in World Cup

Will 2019 IPL affect team India’s Performance in World Cup

It is going to be an exciting summer for all the cricket fans as IPL is followed with the grand world cup this year. No matter, how well your team performs for four years, it is the world cup win which will describe a team as world champions. Fans have an opportunity to watching their players before the World Cup when the greatest festival in India begins in April in the name of IPL. But, the big question is, the IPL being such a big tournament, the fatigue issues have high chances to play the role. Will such issues come into the world cup which affects India’s chances in the world cup? Let us discuss it in today’s column.

So, the IPL is happening before the world cup, there are both positives and negatives about it, let us start with negatives because we would like to end up this article in a positive note. Here are the negatives about it.

#1 Fatigue


Keep this aside, think about a normal day to day life of an office goes, he eventually gets tired when works continuously, if not physically, then surely mentally. Same applies in sports especially because it is something where the body of the players really works hard. When the IPL gets over there is a high chance of a big fatigue issue hitting players which will eventually affect the full swing performance if players.

#2 Injury Risk

ipl injury

Imagine the important player in the Squad getting injured in the IPL and unable to play the world cup. It might cost India a world cup trophy. It is up to the medical department of IPL sides to look after it and keep players Injury free in the IPL.

#3 Letting Opponents find out the Weakness

Rohit Sharma

Letting opponents find out weakness is something much underrated nowadays but it is a serious issue needed to be sorted out. While playing for each other in IPL, it is easy for other players to know about the weakness in the IPL which might cost wickets for the team in the world cup.

#4 Lose of confidence

jadeja catch drop

If a player fails in the IPL, it might end in a loss of confidence going into the big tournament like world cup. This might hurt the team in the middle overs or in the crucial stages of the game.

Now Let us come to the Positive Side of IPL

#1 Learning curve

Ipl practice

IPL provides a much needed learning curve for the players to correct their mistakes and ready themselves for the world cup with full swing. They can correct the mistakes in case if they make anything in the IPL to avoid doing the same mistake in the IPL.

#2 Working with Experts and International Staffs

Jasprit Bumrah

Working with International staffs and experts just before the world cup is the huge boost for any player who is preparing hard for the world cup. An international staff brings in lots of ideas to the table which will benefit every player to perform better in the world cup.

#3 Judging Weakness

This is vice versa version we took from a heading in the negative side if a player can predict a weakness of player, the same player can do it back to the other player and benefit himself in IPL. For example, l how many of you remember Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s CSK stint with Murali helped him in the 2011 world cup final. His knock along with Gambhir took India to a world cup win after 28 years.

#4 Overall Analysis

If a player is rested at times for any matches in IPL, then it is not going to affect India’s performance in the IPL. If a player is able to stay stable with his mental confidence and stay Injury free by working regularly on fitness, India won’t be affected by the IPL. Our question to you – who is going to face India in the world cup final at lords on 14th of July?


Be it any kind of profession on earth, beyond everything is psychological morale which keeps a human going. Looking forward to an amazing four months of nonstop cricket. See you all.

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