India’s League of Legends team set sail for Hangzhou in pursuit of Asian Games 2022 glory

League of Legends

India’s star-studded League of Legends team has embarked on their journey to Hangzhou to compete as the top team from Central and South Asia in their respective title at the upcoming Asian Games 2022, scheduled from September 25 to 29.

The stellar unit captained by Akshaj Shenoy (Kai), and comprising Samarth Arvind Trivedi (CrankO), Mihir Ranjan (Lotus), Sanindhya Malik (Deadcorp), Aakash Shandilya (Infi), Aditya Selvaraj (Krow) dominated the recently held Central and South Asia seeding event and clinched top seed for the 19th Asian Games. The League of Legends matches at the tournament will commence in the group-round robin format, followed by the quarters, semis, and the grand final, scheduled for September 29.

A grand total of 19 notable League of Legends teams from the continent will go head to head against each other to secure a historic medal at the tournament. All matches till the final will be played in the Best of 3 format while the gold medal and bronze medal matches will be contested in the Best of 5 format.

Sharing his thoughts on the tournament, Akshaj Shenoy, skipper of the League of Legends squad stated, “Representing India on this grand stage is an honor for each and every one of us. The journey to Hangzhou right from the national qualifiers has been one of dedication and hard work, and now, as the top team from Central and South Asia, we are determined to make our nation proud. I would like to express my gratitude to ESFI for making all of this possible and providing us with not only top-quality gaming gear but also the right guidance and coaching to strengthen our chances of bringing home that medal. Our sights are set on creating history for India.”

League of Legends

The team secured their berth at the Asian Games 2022 by triumphing in the National Esports Championships (NESC) finals, organized by the Esports Federation of India (ESFI) last year. In order to ensure that the team performs to the best of its abilities, ESFI recently partnered with FITGMR Inc., a renowned Esports technology and training firm to provide top-quality in-game coaching and performance training to its athletes.

As part of the association, the League of Legends team has undergone a rigorous four-month comprehensive training programme under the guidance of their coach Samuel Boudrie a.k.a Boc that has further improved the team’s quality and expertise as a unit. The coach who has previously worked with the globally renowned Esports organization Cloud9, has also travelled alongside the team to help bolster their performances at the tournament.

“Our League of Legends team is one of the best in Asia and their exemplary performance at the seeding event was a testament to their prowess. We believe they have what it takes to excel in Hangzhou and make India shine on the international Esports scene. I extend my best wishes for the team to give their best and reign supreme,” said Mr. Lokesh Suji, Director, Esports Federation of India & Vice President of the Asian Esports Federation (AESF). 

One of the country’s top sports and Esports communication agencies, Artsmith-Concepts & Visions, continues its support to the Esports Federation of India as their official communication partner.

Having been featured as a demonstration event in 2018, Esports will be making its full-fledged debut as an official medal sport at the Asian Games 2022. The Esports event will be held in China Hangzhou Esports Centre from September 24 to October 2, and the athletes will compete for gold medals in seven different titles.

India, however, will be participating in four of the seven titles: DOTA 2, EA Sports FC Online, League of Legends, and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. The official draw to determine the dates and opponents regarding the fixtures for all four titles will take place on September 22.

The fixtures for EA Sports FC Online will kick off from September 24 while the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition encounters are scheduled for September 26 to 28. The DOTA 2 matchups are set to take place from September 29 to October 2.