League of Legends Esports Calendar Expands with Addition of New Event by Riot Games


In a recent revelation by Christopher Mykles, the well-known League of Legends personality and widely recognized as MonteCristo, it has been disclosed that Riot Games, the mastermind behind the popular MOBA title, has plans to launch a third edition of the game in 2024, in addition to the two games that have already been announced.

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The news of this impending release has sent ripples of excitement throughout the League of Legends community, where fans are already eagerly looking forward to the highly anticipated MSI and Worlds events. The prospect of a third event being introduced has only served to heighten the anticipation, generating even more enthusiasm among both players and fans alike.

During the latest episode of his widely followed podcast, “Last Free Nation,” Mykles further elaborated on the matter. He revealed that, come 2024, all regions will adopt the highly successful three-split system pioneered by the LEC. This strategic move by Riot Games is intended to pave the way for the introduction of another international event to the League of Legends competitive scene.

While the prospect of a busier schedule and an expanded competitive calendar might seem enticing for fans, it may not necessarily elicit the same level of enthusiasm from the players themselves. The increased number of matches means less downtime between events, posing a significant challenge for teams to adequately prepare and deliver their best performances consistently.

At present, detailed specifics about any of the three aforementioned events remain under wraps. However, it is reasonable to assume that they will be scheduled to take place subsequent to the conclusion of the Spring Split. This sequence of consecutive events is poised to intensify the competition, providing top teams with more opportunities to showcase their skills and compete for prestigious trophies.

With the revelation of Riot Games’ plans to introduce a third League of Legends game and the subsequent adoption of the three-split system, the competitive landscape of the game is set to undergo a significant transformation. As fans eagerly await further information and eagerly anticipate the thrilling events that lie ahead, the stage is set for an exhilarating and action-packed future in the world of League of Legends.