Surprising Upset: Former CLG League of Legends Roster Shocks Cloud9 to Win 2023 LCS Championship

League of Legends

NRG Esports won the 2023 LCS championship for League of Legends. They were up against Cloud9 in a series of games in New Jersey. NRG, which used to be absent from the league for seven years, surprised everyone by winning the title. Even though Cloud9 had beaten NRG in three games a week ago, NRG came back strong and won three out of four games in this series.

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FBI, who plays the AD carry role, was named the Most Valuable Player of the Finals after NRG’s 3-1 victory. In an interview after the match, he said that the team’s friendship played a big role in their success.

Cloud9, who had won the championship for the past two years, couldn’t make it three in a row this time. Only two other teams, TSM and Team Liquid, have ever won three consecutive championships in the LCS.

The owner of Cloud9, Jack Etienne, admitted that NRG wanted to win more and congratulated them. He also said that his team will learn from this loss and try to improve for the World Championship.

NRG’s journey to the championship wasn’t easy. They had a so-so record in the regular season but managed to beat strong teams like Team Liquid and Golden Guardians. They also had a tough match against Team Liquid in the playoffs but won 3-2. This victory earned them a spot in the grand final, where they beat Cloud9 to become champions.

At the Prudential Center, Contractz wins his first major League of Legends prize since 2017’s Rift Rivals. It’s also his first big final since Cloud9’s loss to TSM in the NA LCS 2017 Spring Playoffs.

Triumphant LCS Teams and Their Journey to the 2023 League of Legends World Championship

“New Champions Emerged on the Path to the 2023 League of Legends World Championship”

Dhokla, Palafox, and IgNar celebrate their first-ever LCS championship victory, with IgNar previously competing in the 2020 finals as part of FlyQuest. FBI, a two-time champion, secured his last championship with 100 Thieves.

NRG secures their spot as the top North American team in the 2023 League of Legends World Championship in South Korea, joined by Cloud9 as the second representative. Team Liquid will also be present at the October event.

All three teams are primed to take part in the innovative “Swiss Stage,” a departure from the usual group stage format. Additionally, there’s a chance for Golden Guardians to become the fourth North American team in Worlds through a playoff against Europe’s fourth seed. If successful, they’ll proceed to the Worlds Play-Ins.

The Europe vs. North America showdown to determine these teams is scheduled for Monday, October 9, setting the stage for the World Championship’s start on Tuesday, October 10.