League of Legends Unveils Recipient of the 2023 Worlds Skin and New Merchandise Releases

League of Legends

Every year, League of Legends selects a champion to represent the annual Worlds skin line. This year, they’ve revealed that Renekton will be the champion to receive the special Worlds 2023 skin. This skin line celebrates the biggest LoL esports event of the year, and the skins can only be bought during the tournament. Last year, Azir received the annual skin.

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Renekton’s Worlds 2023 skin keeps the blue and gold theme of the skin line, with some added red accents on his tail and weapon. It also features a unique recall animation where Renekton breathes blue fire in the shape of the Summoner’s Cup.

The announcement of Renekton’s Worlds 2023 skin came as part of the “Worlds Unlocked” merchandise box, a limited-edition package containing League of Legends merchandise. People who buy this box will get Worlds 2023 Renekton (with a special chroma), the Worlds event pass, and one of the game’s past Worlds skins, like Championship Thresh (2013) or Championship Ashe (2017).

The Worlds Unlocked box also includes other items like a Teemo statue, a Tibbers plush, a baseball cap, and in-game emotes and icons.

The cost of the Worlds 2023 Renekton skin will likely be 1,350 Riot Points, as with previous Worlds skins. While there’s no specific release date yet, it’s expected to be available in the in-game store before or on the start date of Worlds, which is October 9th.

In summary, Renekton has been chosen to receive the prestigious Worlds 2023 skin in League of Legends, continuing the tradition of honoring the game’s biggest esports event. This limited-time skin features a striking blue and gold design with blood-red accents, accompanied by a special recall animation representing the Summoner’s Cup.

Fans eager to obtain the Worlds 2023 Renekton skin can do so through the “Worlds Unlocked” merchandise box, which offers a bundle of League of Legends goodies, including the skin itself. With the highly anticipated Worlds event beginning on October 9th, players can expect Renekton’s new skin to be available in the in-game store just in time for the tournament.