2020 Olympics – India’s hope in the Next Olympic Games

2020 Olympics

2020 Olympics : Olympic Games are organized once every four years, which provides a platform for athletes in more than 200 countries to showcase their talents in the world.

2020 Olympics

The quadrilateral event, with the logo of five rings, is a test of one of five symptoms of a person – Braun, Bravado, speed, cleverness, and precision. The incident provides a basis for both men and women in spite of gender inequality. It respects skilled athletes with 3 gold, silver and bronze-3 medals.

India’s race so Far

2020 Olympics India's race so far

2020 Olympics : So far, India’s run has been satisfactory in the Olympics, with only 7 medals in the world, only 26 medals have been received in all the Olympic Games. For further explanation, consider how unsustainable India’s performance is – In the 2012 London Olympics, the United States won 104 medals, which is four times the total medal count in India in all the Olympic Games.

Cause and Remedy

2020 Olympic Cause and remedy

2020 Olympics : On the grand stage, the reasons for the country’s poor performance have been linked. The factors responsible for this are in proportion to each other. Something can be said as a commendable one-on-one factor

Success and Expense

2020 Olympics Success and expense

Allocation of funds for the development of infrastructure and the provision of institutional support to athletes is directly related to the success of athletes.

Apart from this, China’s budget allocation on sports is at least 5 times as compared to India, and hence the results are in reference to medal counting. More allocation, more expectations and the potential of the country to succeed in the victims of a medal.

India’s Top Athletes who can Win Medals for India in 2020 Olympics Games

India’s success in the 2020 Olympics can be expected from the following talented players.

Hima Das The fastest 18-year-old in 400m history

Hima Das

Earlier this year, when national coach Galina Bukhariana predicted that Hema Das was able to run 400 meters in less than 52 seconds, many of the AFI think that Russian-born Americans were joking.

But now, with almost every contest, a young girl from Assam has left gasps Just a year ago, she won the Junior East Zone title in a hand-timed 55.8 in Kolkata. He surprisingly brought a 50.79-second difference in Asian Games silver.

And the Olympic champion Bahamas Shawne Miller was 51.25 best at that age and while the current world champion, 18 for the American Phillip Francis, is not available for the record, they saw 52.93 in 19

Although he won the Under-20 World Championship in Finland in July, Hema is literally a start in Quartal. If he continues his progress at the same pace, and if all goes well, then he is able to beat anyone in Tokyo.

But coach Quartina, who has done amazing work with the Indian Quarter meter and Riley Runner.

Neeraj Chopra In Pursuit of Javelin Greatness

Neeraj Chopra

There is a strange thing in the spear world. It is not so often that the top three men go more than 90 meters in world-class competition, but surprisingly the season started in Doha, which was the first phase of the Diamond League series in May.

Looking at the circuit, nobody feels that the spear’s big boy is stuck in the reaction of young Neeraj Chopra, who is closing on them. They are doing their best to take the game to the second level.

Jinson JohnsonBetting on Middle-distance Mayhem

Jinson Johnson

Even the best of strategies, shreds can be torn into a medium-range race, especially if it is slow. Matthew Santowitz’s Rio in 3: 50.00 won 1500m, the slowest time for Olympic gold in more than 80 years, is a classic case.

This unpredictable aspect of 1500 meters has played a part in Ginson Johnson, who set the distance for Tokyo after running 800 meters in Rio.

Champion in Asian Games, with a national-record-breaking 3: 37.86, in the Commonwealth Games with Kenya’s world champion Elijah Manangoi, took the gold in 3: 34.78 to finish fifth.

SreeshankarCan he Time it Right?


Sreeshankar, according to national jumps coach Bedros Bedrosian, produced a massive 8.28m long jump during training in Thiruvananthapuram a few days before the Asiad.

This suggests that the 19-year-old from Kerala is capable of doing something like 8.40 on an ideal day in major competitions, says the Romanian. Currently the fourth best junior in the world with an official best of 7.99m, Shreeshankar could work wonders in Tokyo.

But let’s temper the expectations Although close to his personal best in Jakarta. The teenager has a great future ahead of him, but a lot depends on how much he meets.

Tejaswin ShankarHe Has it in Him

Tejaswin Shankar

Two years ago, he was the planet’s best junior high jumpers but Tejaswin Shankar missed the under-20 Worlds. The national-record holder then appeared in a good shot at a medal in Jakarta, but a neck injury forced him to skip the Asiad.

The stars have not had in their favours for a while but that should turn and when it does, they can be a wonderful high.

Three months ago, Tejaswin, a student of business administration at Kansas State University, won his first American NCAA title. (Triple-jumper Mohinder Singh Gill and discus-thrower Vikas Gowda are the only other Indians to achieve the feat.)

The 19-year-old from Delhi has a personal best of 2.29m and if he can stay fit and jump over 2.35 – which he has been able to – Tejaswin had an impressive finish in Tokyo.

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