History of Golf at Asian Games

Asian Games Golf

The Golf sport featured for the first time in the Asian Games in 1982. In the Golf game, a player hits a small white ball into a series of man-made holes. It is often played on huge outdoor grounds and requires patience, agility, precision, and strategy. 

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Best Performing Nation in Asian Games in Golf Sport’s History

In the history of Golf at the Asian Games, different nations have displayed their power. Let’s take a look at the countries that have emerged as the best performers over the years:

  • 1982- The inaugural appearance of Golf in the Asian Games saw the host nation, India, excelling in the sport.
  • 1986- South Korea, the host nation, continued its solid golfing tradition and emerged as the best nation in this edition.
  • 1990- While China hosted the games, South Korea still dominated the Golf competition and secured the top spot.
  • 1994 & 1998- This year witnessed a shift as Chinese Taipei showcased its golfing skills and became the best-performing nation. Chinese Taipei maintained its golfing excellence and again secured the top position in 1998.
  • 2002 & 2006- Host nation South Korea reclaimed its position as the best nation in Golf at the Asian Games in 2002 and 2006 in Qatar.
  • 2010- China hosted the games, but South Korea’s golfers maintained dominance and emerged again as the best.
  • 2014- Once again, Chinese Taipei held the grip and became the nation of the season in South Korea.
  • 2018- In a notable change, the Philippines emerged as the best-performing nation in Golf, breaking the South Korean streak.

Countries with the most Medals in Golf at the Asian Games

Let’s explore the medal achievements of various countries in the Golf sport at the Asian Games:

  • 1. South Korea- South Korea has shown exceptional dominance in Golf at the Asian Games, securing an impressive total of 35 medals, including 13 gold, 13 silver, and nine bronze medals.
  • 2. Japan- Japan has displayed its golfing power with a total of 18 medals. They secured nine gold, four silver, and five bronze medals.
  • 3. Chinese Taipei- Chinese Taipei has also made a significant impact in Golf at the Asian Games, amassing a total of 19 medals. Their collection includes seven gold, four silver, and eight bronze medals.
  • 4. Philippines- The Philippines has shown their mettle in Golf with ia 15 medals. Among these are three gold, four silver, and eight bronze medals, making their mark as a strong contender in the sport.
  • 5. India- India’s golfers have contributed to the nation’s success with n a total of 6 medals. Their achievements include three gold and three silver medals.
  • 6. Thailand- Thailand has secured four medals in Golf at the Asian Games, consisting of 1 gold, one silver, and two bronze medals.
  • 7. China- It seems Golf is the only sport in which China has yet to secure a gold medal. China has gathered nine medals in Golf at the Asian Games, including five silver and four bronze medals.
  • 8. Sri Lanka- Sri Lanka has earned two silver medals in Golf at the Asian Games, demonstrating their potential and contribution to the sport’s landscape.