GTA 6: Take-Two CEO Hints at Potential GTA 6 Launch Period During Discussion of Forecasted Revenues

Despite eager anticipation, fans of the blockbuster Grand Theft Auto franchise will have to extend their patience for the much-awaited sequel to GTA 5, as indicated by a recent interview with Take-Two’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick. During an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” show on August 9, Zelnick was pressed about the release date of GTA 6.

Employing his customary evasiveness, he refrained from sharing specifics, emphasizing that such announcements should come from Rockstar, the game’s developer. However, he did provide a tantalizing hint, mentioning that 2025 seems to be an exceptionally promising fiscal year for the company, with a projected total revenue of around eight billion dollars.

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Zelnick spoke optimistically about Take-Two’s outlook for the fiscal year 2025, characterizing it as an exciting and transformative period. Yet, he carefully avoided revealing any concrete details about upcoming releases. This isn’t the first time he’s sidestepped such questions; a prior interview on the same show in May had him affirming Rockstar’s active engagement in crafting the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series.

GTA 6 Release Clues Emerge: CEO’s Insights on Unprecedented 2025 Projections and Monetization Strategies

Zelnick’s role places him in a uniquely informed position regarding GTA 6’s release date, likely even before the developers themselves. With the extraordinary financial projections for 2025, one can reasonably speculate that Rockstar may have a significant launch in the works.

While Zelnick’s comments suggest that a major game release could play a pivotal role in Take-Two’s anticipated 2025 revenue, it’s worth noting that GTA V surpassed the one billion USD mark in its initial three days, underscoring the potential for the upcoming sequel to make an even more substantial impact.

Yet, discussions about GTA 6’s release date have been circulating since the release of GTA V back in 2013. Zelnick’s history of embracing innovative monetization strategies, exemplified by the successful GTA Online, implies that the company could be looking beyond traditional revenue streams.

Take-Two’s introduction of the GTA+ subscription service in March 2022 indicated their continued exploration of novel monetization avenues. As such, the prospect of 2025 serving as a plausible release window for GTA 6 has injected a glimmer of hope into the hearts of fans who have endured an extended period of uncertainty.