Indian ‘Usain Bolt’ Gowda’s 100m record broken! Kambala racer sets new benchmark


Another Kambala sprinter Nishant Shetty took the internet by storm as he reportedly improved Srinivas Gowda’s time and created a record in 100 meters during a traditional buffalo race in Karnataka covering the distance in 9.51 seconds.

According to reports, On Sunday, Gowda’s epoch-making record was shattered by Nishant Shetty. Shetty, who hails from Bajagoli Jogibettu, has beaten Gowda by a margin of 0.04 seconds in the 100-meter buffalo race. Shetty completed 143 meters at Surya-Chandra Jodukar Kambala in Venur in just 13.68 seconds, meaning that he completed 100 meters faster than Gowda by 0.04 seconds.

Organizers of the Kambala race at Surya-Chandra Jodukar Kambala in Venur also informed that four contestants including Shetty completed the 100 meters in less than 10 seconds. Apart from Shetty, Iruvathur Anand (9.57 seconds), Akeri Suresh Shetty (9.57 seconds) and Srinivas Gowda (9.55 seconds) took less than 10 seconds to complete the race. Anand and Suresh Shetty also took part in his Venur Kambala race in which Nishant was crowned the winner.

nishant shetty

It is to be noted that On February 1, Gowda became the talk of the town as he ran 142.5 meters in just 13.62 seconds during the Kambala race at Aikala village near Mangaluru.

Soon after the video of Gowda’s Kambala race went viral, he was compared to Usain Bolt the world record holder in 100 Mtrs who hails from Jamaica as based on his timing for 142.5 meters Gowda’s 100 meters record was better than the Jamaican. Soon after Gowda’s claim to fame, he was noticed by Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju who spoke to Sports Association of India and asked the Bengaluru center to take Gowda’s trial…

However, on Monday, Gowda refused to give the trial and said that he would like to concentrate on his local game. At the same time, Gowda was honored by the Chief Minister of Karnataka BS Yeddyurappa and an amount of Rs three lakh was also given for his performance.