“India need to learn trademark resilience from Hockey World Cup Champions Germany” reveals former India player Zafar Iqbal

Indian National Hockey Team

The Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 is successfully held in Orissa thanks to Germany, whose aggressive instinct helps them defeat Belgium in the championship game.

As the game ended in a nail-biter, Germany kept their composure to defeat Belgium, making it arguably the finest match of the main event.

Zafar Iqbal, a former member of India’s Olympic squad from 1980, outlined exactly what India may learn from Germany moving ahead in a column he wrote for the Times of India.

Let’s go through each of the key components in depth in the order listed below:

According to his column, Germany’s stamina allowed them to overcome a two-goal lead against Belgium fast, reducing Belgium’s chances of winning the title.

Germany played outstandingly throughout the game, and when the first penalty corner between these two teams ended in a 3-3 tie, their brilliance won out in sudden death.

Iqbal went on to add that India should take note of Germany’s capacity for comebacks which they made  in three consecutive games at a major event.

FIH Men’s Hockey world cup 2023 : Germany concludes a successful tournament at Odisha

Germany’s offence and defence were excellent, especially when they consistently launched attacks that gave them an advantage over their opponents.

They also made sure that the players from Belgium were worn out during the competition with their relentless offensive skills to establish territorial dominance.

The FIH Pro League and the Paris Olympics 2024 will be India’s next challenges, and the federation must also recruit a new head coach in the interim so that a new environment can be formed as quickly as possible.