“In terms of money, PCB owes me Rs 4-6 crore”: Younis Khan


Former Pakistan captain Younis Khan has recently said that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) owes him a hefty amount of money but he is ready to join the cricket board to work with them for the betterment of the sport in the nation. However, he further claimed that he has never asked for money as it has never been an issue to him.younis-khan-pcb

“In terms of money, PCB owes me Rs 4-6 crore if you look back. But I have never demanded money, money is never an issue,” Khan was quoted as saying by Pak Passion.net.

“Its destiny from Allah, you get what is destined for you so you should never run after money, I never ran after money. I have always been willing to work with PCB. I was one of the few players who retired and left, players rarely do that. I have 17-18 years of services for Pakistan and PCB,” he further added.

“What happens that we can’t come on board together, I don’t even know. I played cricket so I want to help in the field of cricket. Why we don’t come on board, perhaps PCB doesn’t change or Younis Khan doesn’t change. I don’t think anyone in Pakistan would be so personal that he wouldn’t want to work with Younis Khan. Even if I was a big critic of Younis Khan, I would like to still work with Younis Khan. What things are there with my demeanor or what is it with PCB that doesn’t allow us to come on one page,” he concluded.

The 45-year-old played for Pakistan in 118 Tests, 265 ODIs and 25 T20Is as well. He amassed a whopping 10,099 runs in Tests which is also the highest by any Pakistani player so far as well. Moreover, he has 7,249 runs in One Day Internationals and 442 runs in Twenty20 Internationals.

wasim-khan-pcbHowever, PCB chief executive Wasim Khan has recently come in the news for his comments on Asia Cup. Although he dismissed all the rumours that Pakistan has given up its hosting rights of the T20 Asia Cup. In fact, he has made a shocking comment that if India would not take part in the Asia Cup, then Pakistan would not feature in the 2021 T20 World Cup which is scheduled to take place in India.

“It is not the prerogative of the PCB or the ICC to change the host as it was the decision of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC),” Wasim Khan was quoted as saying by The Dawn. “We are currently considering two venues to host the Asia Cup. If India doesn’t come to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, we would also refuse participation in the 2021 T20 World Cup there.”

However, Wasim Khan later took a U-turn on his earlier comment that Pakistan will not play the 2021 T20 World cup as this will take place in India if India doesn’t feature in the upcoming Asia Cup 2020 which is going to take place by Pakistan.

“This has been completely taken out of context. Even though we would still want to host the Asia Cup in Pakistan, the Asian Cricket Council needs to decide on what it will do about the matches involving India,” Wasim Khan told Sportstar.