PCB CEO Wasim Khan slams Mohammad Hafeez for his remarks on Sharjeel Khan

PCB-CEO-WASIM-kHAN-slams-Mohammad Hafeez

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief Executive Officer Wasim Khan has rebuked the veteran all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez for his recent remark on the cricketer Sharjeel Khan. A few days ago, Hafeez had asserted that he is not happy with the way PCB is dealing with the case of the Sharjeel Khan who was involved in the spot-fixing in PSL, was banned for five years from cricket. 

Apparently, Sharjeel Khan was booked for the spot-fixing in the 2017 season of the PSL, had received a suspension of five years. But owing to an “unconditional apology” in 2019, Sharjeel Khan is now looking for an early return to International cricket. 

The former Pakistan skipper took to twitter as he said, “Shouldn’t we set Standards of Dignity & Pride Higher than any other “Extra Talent” to represent Pakistan”. 

However, his remarks didn’t seem to go well with the PCB CEO Wasim Khan, as he said that he would talk to Hafeez personally as the veteran is in no position to comment on other current players. 

“I will be personally speaking to Mohammad Hafeez about that and I don’t think it’s his place to be doing it. No other player in the world does that so why should our Pakistani players do that? I don’t think they have any space to do that and I don’t think they should be doing that. That’s my personal view.

“Coming from an English environment, I never saw an English player tweet about policies, procedures, talking about other players’ right or wrong. My view is, he should focus on his own game, focus on the cricketing opinion he can give but don’t give a personal opinion about other players,”  Wasim Khan as quoted in a video to the ESPN. 

Wasim Khan went on to say that the current players should refrain from commenting about other players on any social media platform. He said he would speak to Hafeez personally citing that Hafeez has nothing to do with the Board’s decision on that matter.