“I would love to see myself as Content Creator in times to come” said Destro in an exclusive talks with Esportzcraazy

In this exclusive series, where we speak with players, content producers, and officials who have created names for themselves in the esports community, we strive to understand the players’ thought processes that ultimately helped them succeed.

Recently, we got the chance to communicate with destro jodd (Ammar Khan), a professional BGMI player with Chemin Esports who also regularly posts information about this well-known gaming community on his official YouTube channel, where he has more than 60K subscribers.

Let’s go over each detail of our exclusive communication with Destro Jodd one by one:

Q-1: Tell us about your early inclination towards gaming?

Destro_Jodd: My experience with gaming is quite similar to yours. I used to play a variety of games, including GTA, Prince of Persia, and many others, but with time, I began to become interested in titles like Clash of Clans, Mini Malayasia, and PUBG Mobile.

Q-2: Tell us about your top esports professional moments so far?

Destro_ Jodd: There have been many important moments in my Esports career, but the one that stands out in my mind the most is winning the ESL. We were a rather inexperienced team at the time, and winning the final with 23 kills is something I will never forget.

Q- No-3. Tell us a little bit about the content makers you enjoy. What characteristics must a content developer have?

Destro _Jodd: Content creation is all about quality and consistency since you need to provide value to the lives of the Esports audiences who take the time to watch you develop various types of materials. My favorite content makers are Scout and Mortal. Because they are reliable and diligent, Scout and Mortal are the greatest in the business.

.Q-4: Do you need some natural skills while picking BGMI as Professional Gamer?

Destro _Jodd: It’s not simple, if I may begin by saying that you must constantly push yourself against the brick wall, and natural skills are crucial when choosing BGMI as a professional gamer.


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Q- No 5: Tell us a little bit about your involvement with Team Xspark?

Destro _Jodd: One of the most special times in my life was spent at Xspark and Scout did a great job of leading the group. I thoroughly liked my time there.

Q- No 6: Why did you choose to partner with Scout?

Destro _Jodd: His outlook on life is great, and when you speak with him, you’ll see that he’s rather mature and always willing to assist others.

Q-7: Can you briefly describe your interactions with Chemin Esports?

Destro_Jodd: Chemin Esports is like family to us, and we get along with everyone there. The atmosphere here is relaxed, and we all enjoy each other’s company.

Q-8: How can successful content producers fit into the BGMI space? Those who make content without planning, or those who rely on their natural instincts?

Destro _Jodd: As you can see, all effective content creators have both (natural and planned) features. They focus on giving quality and consistency, and if you take care of your input, the output will take care of itself.

Q- No 9: Where do you envision yourself in five years? 

Destro _Jodd: If given the chance, I would like to explore other elements of esports in addition to content creation in five years.

Q-10: Message to your fans?

Destro_Jodd: Keep Supporting and be optimistic as the game will make comeback soon and please keep showering your love on me as Professional Player in times to come.

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