7 Interesting things about Indian Esports which you might not have heard about?

Indian Esports is growing at a brisk pace and this speed will increase in times to come as several factors are responsible for it which include- Viewership, market size, players pool, and sponsorship which will swiftly pave the way for the nation to become giants in the space of Esports. 

Here in this article, we will reveal 7 Interesting things about Indian Esports that you might not have heard about in detail: 

  • India’s Esports market is pretty close at some regions but also diverse due to distinct states with their official languages it has the potential to surpass the Chinese market if the ecosystem is established by respective authorities in a systematic manner. 


  • India falls in the list of those countries that enjoy massive mobile gaming viewership and popularity based on the reports in different media outlets, games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire caters to the demand of 450k fans which is a significant number when we compare these stats with other countries. 


  • Due to vast market size, lots of Indian Esports organisations are interested in investing in India, where some of the organisations have already taken some action towards investing the attention of Indian viewers. 


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  • Many of the Indian cyberathletes are popular bloggers enjoys massive fan following on social media. Indian Esports player Mortal enjoys massive fan following of 6 million subscribers on his youtube channel. 


  • The Prize fund earning of cyber athletes are much inferior as compare to rest of the countries due to abundance in tournaments currently $20,000 dollar is earned by top Indian esports player for winning any marquee event which is a normal amount for athletes belonging to rest of the world. 


  • If you look around the calibre of Indian players in distinct games like DOTA 2 and CS: GO  is not at the par with European players there is a lot of work that needs to be done in this regard. 


  • Esports League does have Indian memberships series in the country which include- CS:GO, PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans and FIFA events. 

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