How to Play Gully Cricket?

Improvisation and the ability to enjoy maximum within limited resources is genetic in the Indian subcontinent. We look for a solution or alternate way of fixing any problem in every sphere of life. The Indian subcontinent is fond of only two things: movies and Cricket, Gully Cricket.

Gully Cricket

The official form of Cricket is complicated to play in a country like India. The player needs proper equipment like a bat, ball, stumps, helmet, pads, thigh guard, abdominal guard, etc. to play the game.

A proper playing area, quality pitch, and 22 players are major requirements to play cricket. If every child tries to play the official cricket, the sport will perish from the subcontinent in a few years. Most of us can’t afford the expensive equipment and neither have quality grounds nearby to play Cricket. We might lack resources, infrastructure or a team, but we make things work through our zeal and will power.

The kids have developed an easy form of cricket that can be played anywhere, anytime and with limited resources, it is called Gully cricket. You can watch the kids playing Gully cricket in every lane or street of the country.

Rules to Play Gully Cricket

Gully Cricket

  • There is no age to play Gully cricket. From a 5 year kid to 50 years old man can play Gully cricket.
  • The Gully cricket is usually played on roads, streets, lanes, on roofs or any small playground in the colony.
  • The Gully cricket can be played by a minimum of 2 players, there is no maximum limit.
  • It is not important to play the game by the team with equal players. If one team lack one player, both the team agrees to keep a common player, who will bat, bowl and field for both the teams.
  • Only a bat and ball is required to play the game. Bricks and stones are used as stumps or the red stone or chalk is used on the wall to mark the wicket.

Scoring Runs

  • Usually, no running between the wickets is required in Gully cricket. Running is only required on big grounds.
  • The player can easily score two runs and four runs. It the ball reach the boundary on a single bounce, it is declared four.
  • In most of the cases, the player is not allowed to hit a six. There are chances that the bowl gets lost or goes in someone’s house. If a player hit six, he will be declared out.

Taking Wickets

  • To gets the batsman out, the ball only needs to touch the stump.
  • One tip one hand is also used to get the batsman out. If the batsman shot takes one bounce and is caught by bowler single-handedly. He is declared out.
  • If the ball is lost, the batsman is declared out. The batsman has to buy a new ball and give back to the owner.
  • There are no LBWs and wicket keeping in Gully cricket. Run out is only prevalent if running is allowed in the play.

Field Restrictions

There are no field restrictions in Gully cricket. Usually, Gully cricket is played in lanes or on roofs.


Usually, Gully cricket is played between 5 overs to 10 overs, which mean the batsman has the opportunity to bat for 5 overs. There are no runs on no balls, leg byes, and wide balls.


Usually, the most trusted or the least good player is made the umpire.

The match is short and less time-consuming. Dozens of matches can be played in a few hours.

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