How to Participate in Badminton Tournament at Different Levels

international Badminton Tournament


Badminton is one of the famous sports across the globe where people can play the game either to improve on their fitness levels or raising the fun quotient. This is the reason why this game has gained all the popularity since its inception in England in the 18th century. While the game used to be played with Rackets along with the balls instead of Shuttles initially, it was as late as 1936 when the World badminton Federation came into existence to make all the rules and regulations in order to make this Sport thrive for long. As of now, the sport is mostly dominated by Asian countries like China, Korea, India and only one of the European countries, Denmark has gained some kind of legacy over the past few decades.

Let’s take a look at some key points which must need to be adhered with in order to ensure a person’s participation in this Sport on a State, National or an International level.

Participation in the Domestic Badminton Tournament

Domestic Badminton Tournament

If we talk about The Pre requisites of Participating in a domestic badminton tournament, as of now, there is no upper age limit to that and if the person has got the right sort of fitness levels and the skills to make it further in the Competition, he or she can participate in the Domestic tournaments. Still there is a catch to this point and before getting started with all this, the person still need to go through the local and district level competitions and once he or she would be able to qualify to the next level, he or she can further participate in the national level badminton championships. Let’s take a deep insight into the Different levels of participation for badminton players to go through.

Participation on Community Level

Community Level Badminton Tournament

When we talk about the Community level or the social level of Badminton, almost everyone who have an interest in playing Badminton can become a part of the tournament and just need to enter the same by paying a fees or whatever guidelines has been laid forward by the Organizing authorities.

Even if the person is not participating in the tournament, he or she can participate in the game by agreeing with some peers or friends for am match of Badminton and get started with same with the help of a racket and a shuttle while following all the basic rules within the process.

Participation on Club Level

Club Badminton Tournament

You can either participate in a badminton tournament on a club level as well and your generally don’t need to abide by any basic pre requisites for the participation. Still the Participants can only be the member of the particular club and they also need to play the game while following all the required set of rules and basic guidelines. There is no particular limit for the age, height or weight even at this level of the game and the person just need to be comfortable with the same to make it good for his or her health as the game take s a lot of efforts in the process and may result into intense fatigue to cope up with.

Participation on State level

State level Badminton Tournament

When it comes to playing in a state level tournament, the requirements become quite tougher for the participants. It’s always been advisable to start at a young age to become a state level player as there are higher levels of fitness levels and skill set required from this level onwards. The person has to be fit enough to cope up with all the stress and fatigue they can experience during the game. That’s the reason why there are some many Junior Badminton players which plays at the state level and its mostly consist of players from school and college levels which are aspiring to become professionals in the coming time.

Participation on National and International level

international Badminton Tournament

This is the point form where the competition becomes tougher and high on skills and fitness levels as this is where you as a player need to compete with the best players around the country and the world as well. When it comes to selecting players for the International level, most of the National federations start choosing the talented players from the younger levels and the sole reason for the same is the time they have for the future to build up on their skill set and fitness levels while making it against the professionals.

When it comes to the age factor, players as young as 12 years are generally picked by the National Associations. All of These players go through intense training schedules along with rigid fitness routines in order to prove their Fitness levels, skill set and ability to handle stress along with pressure during the game.

Playing on the world level isn’t a child play and it will be highly demanding on your fitness levels  and match skills. Moreover, it only becomes hard for a person to keep up with the high fitness levels of the game after a certain age and this is the reason most of the players gets retired in their mid ages as the Fitness levels starts to take a dip with an increase in age..

Even the history beckons the fact that most of the professional players retires at around the age of 30 as it usually becomes impossible for them to play upfront against the younger players with better energy levels.

However, we have seen players playing until the age of 35 at the doubles level as the game is played between pairs so the fitness and energy levels required there are not that high and even if one player is feeling low on energy levels, the other one can compensate for the same eventually.

Badminton Association of India(BAI) ID

Badminton Association of India

This is a must have before you apply to play any badminton tournament at the national level and once you are done with it, you are eligible to play any National tournament and can further participate in any of the internationals tournaments. The BAI (Badminton Association of India) ID includes general details of a player like age, date of birth, Gender and many other details in regards to a player. Simply follow the below steps to enroll for the same.

Also Check : 

  • You can simply download the required form from
  • Afterwards, Fill all the required particulars within the form and submit the same along with age proof copy to the particular district Association secy/office
  • Once your  details are verified, the Player-ID is then issued by BAI and gets updated on the BAI website.

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