How much price money did runner-up India win in T20 world cup 2020 ?



Indian women-team

Yes, it was disappointing that Indian women’s team could not clinch the final trophy of ICC women’s T20 world cup 2020. There is a lot to cheer about Indian women’s Team performance as they have reached in the finals of the world cup T20 for the first time. It was expected a lot from HarmanPreet Kaur and Smriti Mandana to fire as they have not performed well with the bat throughout the tournament but there was nothing much to talk about Indian Team performance in the final.

Right from the Ball one they were seen under pressure and the way Healy and Mooney batted blown away everything from the Indian Team. The credit should be given to Australia with the way they have performed in the finals and clinched 5th T20 world Cup Finals.

With the advent and exposure that women’s cricketer are getting in India. It is very important to keep supporting them as due to more coverage on television and fans reaching at the stadium to cheer there favourite cricketer have added new dimensions to women’s cricket and it is great for Indian women’s cricketer in general.

 But again we lost in 2017 world cup final under the captaincy of Mithali Raj and now in 2020 under Harmanpreet Kaur captaincy in 2020 in the T20 world cup final. As long as we do not win trophies it will take time to take women’s cricket in India to another level. Thus Congratulations to Australia and they played a great cricket and they deserve to win the final.

Thus the prize money that women’s team is much less than what men’s cricket get. But still, we can see the wide increase in the pay that teams get after standing winner and runner up especially in the world cup tournament.

Let’s talk about the number s that Australia women’s won and then we will talk about Indian women’s cricketer in general.

Australia women’s cricketer received prize money of $1 million(7.40 crore) which is five times more than what the winners got in 2018 T20 world cup edition.

The meeting was held last year by ICC to enhance the Prize money by 320 per cent which is a great sign for women’s cricket.

Let’s talk about how much Indian women’s team got after standing as runner up in this mega event.

Indian women’s team got exactly half prize what Australia received which is $5,00,000(3.70 crores).

This amount can be touted as the significant rise in the world cup winning prize as this event become an extra special as women’s world cup was held for the first time standalone.

This can be termed as successful in conducting the world cup at a Big Stage. With the prize money increasing along with fan base we can definitely say that women’s cricket is going in the right direction in terms of exposure players are getting and also in terms of broadcasting. We need to see how women’s cricket shape from here on.