Former American boxer opens up about Newcastle United takeover speculation

Former American boxer reacts about the Newcastle United takeover news

Former American boxer Floyd Mayweather humorously stated that he might be looking forward to buying Newcastle United. While the current Newcastle owner Mike Ashley looks like he is open to selling the club in recent times and was in takeover discussions with Saudi Arabia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund in January of this year.

According to Forbes, boxer Mayweather was the highest-paid athlete of the last decade, earning a whopping amount of $915m (£686m) at that time. The five-weight former world champion was appearing at Newcastle’s O2 City Hall over the weekend as part of his Evening with Floyd Mayweather tour.

In a video posted on TMZ, event moderator Steve Wraith had a talk with Mayweather and mentioned that the last time he was on Tyneside it was being put to notice that he was very interested in buying Newcastle.

In response, Mayweather said: “In the US we call it soccer, but the Newcastle football team is an unbelievable team…..a hell of a team.”

As the crowd erupted, Mayweather added: “If the people want me to buy the Newcastle team, let me know!”

While Newcastle fans have been eagerly waiting for a new owner on Tyneside since 2008 when current chief Mike Ashley caused disapproval in a split with popular former manager Kevin Keegan. It was then, Ashley went on to rename the club’s St James’ Park stadium after his sports retail company, oversaw two relegations and made a number of unpopular appointments.

Given the urge for Ashley to move on, and with talk of rival takeover interest fading, Mayweather played to the crowd. The 43-year-old American is known for his tongue-in-cheek comments but it’s fair to say that even the idea of him owning the team would provide a level of comfort to the fans.