Rating Indian players in the ICC Cricket Under 19 World Cup 2020

1. Yashasvi Jaiswal

Yashasvi Jaswal

Rating: 9.5/10

No of Matches: 5 

Runs Scored: 313

Best Score: 105*

No of Wickets: 3     

The stylish left-hander from Bhadohi Uttarpradesh was born on 28th December 2001. He  started chasing his dream to become a cricketer and was inspired by Mumbai cricket infrastructure that he came to Mumbai in order to pursue his dreams. His performance in this world cup has been so inspiring and eye-catching that he has successfully given good start for India in all the five innings that he has played.

The swashbuckling innings against arch-rivals Pakistan 105* has been the highlight of his performance in this under 19 world cup. Jaiswal runs against some of the opponents where he has scored half-century 59 vs Srilanka in the opening encounter and 57* not out against Nz speaks a volume about his batting.

He has also taken two crucial wickets especially the wicket of Haider Ali who was batting well for Pakistan when he was out. He is leg-break bowler. Jaiswal has done few fumbles in the field but overall if you look at his fielding performance it has been superb. Jaiswal has given sleepless nights to the bowler as he has played proper cricketing shots and once you do that even a good bowler start using all type of strategies to knock you down.


2. Divyansh Saxena

Divyansh Saxena


No of Matches: 5 

Runs Scored: 148

Best Score: 59*

No of Wickets: 0

There is something about Mumbai Cricket infrastructure that keep on producing good players and especially when it comes to batting. Another talented batsman from Mumbai was born on 13th February 2001 in Mumbai. He has given good start to India in the four matches he has batted and especially his camaraderie with Yashsavi Jaiswal when they open the batting can been seen as when only four runs were needed for India to win the match he took single so that his partner Jaiswal can complete his maiden hundred in the under 19 world cup.

He also scored 59* not out with Jaiswal ensured that India complete ten wickets victory and reach comfortably in the finals. Saxena took the brilliant catch Muhammad Hurriara and he also took the brilliant catch with Atharva Ankolekar balls was superb. Saxena superb knock of 52* against Nz is also one of the best knocks he has played in this world cup. His fielding has been superb and that has helped the team comfortably to win the match.


3. Tilak Varma

Tilak Varma
No of Matches: 5

Runs Scored: 48

Best Score: 46

No of Wickets: 0

Rating: 7/10

No 3 is the most important spot for any cricket team and you need to carry the momentum in case you get good partnership develops at the top of the innings. Tilak Varma is batting at the no 3 spot in this world cup and contributing with the bat so that India can capitalize the good start they get at the top. Left-handed Batsman was born on 8th November 2002 from Hyderabad.He is also the right arm off break bowler and could not take wickets in the matches that he has played. He has scored 46 against Srilanka in the first match and then he scored 2 runs against Australia where none of the top 5 batsman clicked barring Yashasavi. He could have gone ahead and have scored a half-century but he was stumped at 46.  He has scored less runs but with a limited opportunity that he has got he has tried to make use of it.


4. Priyam Garg

Priyam Garg

No Of Matches: 5

Runs Scored: 61

Best Score: 56

 No of Wickets: 0 

Rating: 8.5/10

There are two ways to express the captaincy i.e you can be aggressive or you can be quit while making decisions on the field. Priyam Garg decision-making ability has been spot on whether he has rotated his bowler based on the situation and backing his bowlers in the pressure situation. Garg started his cricketing dream from Meerut up where he was born on 30th November 2000.  

If I add more to his performance in this world cup 2020 he has taken good high catches and his fielding has been superb. He scored 56 against the Srilanka and scored 5 against Australia. He wanted to become a bowler at the first instance but due to his coach insistence, he opted to become a batsman. Garg batting style is right-handed and the impact that he has created with his batting and captaincy speaks a lot about his composure and temperament.


5. Dhruv Jhurel

Dhruv Jurel

No of Matches: 5 

Runs Scored: 67 

Best Score: 52

No of Wickets: 0


You always need good wicketkeepers in your side so that stumping chances, catching behind the stumps should not get missed and that is what Dhurv Jhurel has done for India and right-handed batsman has quick ability to score and provide stability in the middle order. He is naturally quick behind the wickets and took stumping chances on his stride whenever the opportunity comes up. Dhruv Jhurel was born on 21st January 2001 in Agra, Uttarpradesh. Jhurel 52* with the bat in the first match against  Sri Lanka and made sure that India get to 297 runs in 50 overs world cup match and not just that he has taken good catches and wickets behind the stumps especially two stumpings that he did against New Zealand and took a catch against Pakistan. Jhurel being the vice-captain has been a great help to the captain in terms of planning and plotting against the opponent.


6. Siddhesh Veer

Dhruv Jurel

No of Matches: 5 

Runs Scored: 69 

Best Score: 44* 

Wickets Taken: 2

Rating: 7/10

 Veer’s all-round ability has helped India a lot in this world cup 2020. Veer has been instrumental with the bat despite getting little chances as Indian batting has been so strong in this world cup. Veer developed his cricketing mind as he hails from Maharastra and was born on February 21 2001. He scored 44* not out against Srilanka and 25 against Australia and also took two wickets against Sri Lanka in the opening match which gave Indian huge boost against the opponents. Right-handed Batsman and spinner and has been vivid in Indian cricket lineup for under 19 world cup.


7. Atharvaa Ankolekar


No Of Matches: 5 

Runs Scored: 55 

Best Scores: 55* 

No Of Wickets: 4

Rating: 9/10

Slow left-arm orthodox bowler often nicknamed as “Bandya” by his teammates hails from Mumbai and was born on 26th September 2000. Ankolekar has provided the breakthrough to the team whenever the captain has brought him in the attack. Who can forget his heroic innings where India lost first six wickets at 144/6 from then he played 55 not-out innings and due to his heroics and standing like a giant at one end India was able to score 233 against Australia in the quarterfinal match. Against New Zealand, he took two wickets and despite injuries on his right hand he has given his 200 per cent on the field. Atharvaa has dropped some catches but at the same time has fielded well in this tournament.


8. Ravi Bishnoi 

Ravi Bishnoi

No of matches: 5 

Runs Scored: 30

Best Score: 30 

Wickets Taken: 13

Rating: 9/10

 Bishnoi has been the leading wicket-taker for India in this under 19 cricket world cup 2020 thus taking 13 wickets in the five matches he has played and the bowling style he prefers is “Leg Break Googly”. The consistency of him taking wickets for his team and repaid back faith that captain showed in him and provided breakthrough at the crucial times when time needed his spin skills to work. Bishnoi brought his cricketing dream alive in Rajasthan (Jodhpur) where he was born on September 5 2000. His 2/44 against Sri Lanka, 4/5 vs Japan, 4/30 Nz and 30 runs knock along with wicket against Australia speaks a lot about this young spinner. Ian Bishop praised him for his bowling style.


9. Karthik Tyagi

Ravi Bishnoi

No Of Matches: 5

Runs Scored: 1

Best Score: 1

Wickets Taken: 11

Rating: 9.5/10

If you have Jaiswal providing you a good start at the top you need a bowler like Karthik Tyagi to provide an early breakthrough and the quality of bowler he is created an impact on the batsman and successfully taken wickets for the team. A bowler from Hapur Uttar Pradesh was born on 8th November 2000. Right-arm medium-fast bowler

Ability to bowl at 140+ keeps him in the hunt. Whether it was inexperienced Japan or experienced Newzealand Kartik who has provided the breakthrough for the team. His ability to hit Yorkers to tailenders has been amazing. He is second highest wicket-taker for India after Bishnoi in this world cup 2020.


10. Akash Singh

No Of Matches: 5

Runs Scored: NIL

Best Score: NIL

Wickets Taken: 78 

Rating : 9/10

Left-arm medium fast-bowler hails from Rajasthan was born on 26th April 2002 also a right-handed handy batsman and has taken 7 wickets in five matches he has played. Singh two wickets against Sri Lanka, 2 wickets against Japan and 3 against Australia in the quarterfinal match. Singh has taken a brilliant catch of Greenwall where he had to cover a lot of ground. Singh is also a bowler in the side which has dominated the batsman with his hard-hitting Yorker deliveries.


11. Shushant Mishra

No of Matches: 5

Runs Scored: 0

Best Score: 0 

Wickets Taken: 6

Rating: 8/10

Again a left-arm fast bowler and ability to bowl bouncers and creating fear in the mind of the batsman and he has taken 6 wickets. Shushant was born and raised in Ranchi (Then Bihar now in Jharkhand) on 23rd December 2000 and he took 3 wickets against the arch-rivals where the team needed his support mostly in the crunch performance in the semifinal. Though Mishra needs to work on his bowling especially the good length deliveries that he bowls to the batsman but he will grow with time.