Riot’s Focus on Champion Toughness and Lane Dynamics for Upcoming LoL Balance Changes

The 2023 League of Legends season has been interesting for both experienced players and newcomers. Riot Games wants to address some issues in the game and has shared their plans in a new blog post.

Riot’s game designer, Phroxzon, talked about problems with champion durability and certain roles in the game. They are not happy with how tough some champions are and how some roles are not balanced. The team wants to fix these problems over the next few months, but since the game is updated every two weeks, it’s not easy to find permanent solutions.

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Phroxzon said that nothing in the game is permanent because it’s always changing. They need to make sure the game is balanced and also that champions feel like they should.

Regarding durability, players have been unhappy since the “durability patch” last year. The team thinks recent changes to items are making champions deal and take more damage. They’re working on improving this, especially for champions with weaker defences.

Phroxzon also talked about problems with the top and ADC roles. Top laners have become more important lately, but small changes can make them weak again. The team wants to make it easier for top laners to help other parts of the map, instead of being stuck in their lane.

In the bot lane, ADCs are strong, but jungles have a bigger impact. The team might make ADCs weaker to balance things, but they’re worried about players not enjoying the role anymore. They know ADC players want to be strong, but they also don’t want the role to feel too easy.

The main issue is that changing one thing can affect other things in the game. The team wants to look at how different roles perform in higher-level play, but they’re not sure how it will affect the game.

A new game update, Patch 13.17, will try to fix some of these problems on August 30. But changes to balance will keep happening throughout the year.