Football Field Dimensions Measurements and Markings

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Football Field Dimensions & Measurements

Football Field Dimensions : Football, which has another name called ‘Soccer’ is one of the oldest and the most popular team sports the world has ever produced. This is one such game that has a huge number of crazy fans all round the world as it is one of the most engaging games. It consists of 11 players each with different positions to play. Every game has few rules and tactics so football has, apart from that the field and its dimension plays an important role too. It is played on grass turf or the green colored artificial surface which has to be rectangular in shape with specific dimensions. The game is played with a spherical ball and the objective is to put or kick the ball to other teams’ netted region without using the hands or arms which in result known as goal. The team which scores maximum number of goals in a match is declared as winners. The time duration of the game is 90 minutes with two halves of 45 minutes each and if result doesn’t comes either it will be declared as draw or the extra minutes and penalty shoot outs will take place depending upon the format of the game they played.

FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) is the international governing body for football and are in charge of maintaining the laws of the game. Whatever change or new implementation you get to see in International football, FIFA is the name that works behind the scene for them. The dimensions of the football field are specified in Law 1 of the FIFA Official Laws of the Game. When you have knowledge about every tit bits of a game, in that scenario watching and playing it becomes much easier and enjoyable. Many of you might not have the exact idea regarding the field dimensions of this game and so, here I am with my write-up to provide you a brief information regarding that.

Football Field Dimensions, Ball & Goal Post Sizes 

Let’s take a glance of Football field dimensions, Measurements and different parts.

The Ball

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The ball used for this game is spherical in shape with a circumference of 68-70 centimeters. It weighs around 14-16 ounces and is made up of synthetic.

The Field Dimesions

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Football Field Dimensions : The playing area is a rectangular green field with outlines marked on it. These lines are boundary lines. The longer lines are called touchlines whereas shorter lines of a rectangular field are called goal lines. The width of all lines are not more than 12 centimeters. The length of touchlines ranges from 100 meters to 110 meters and goal lines ranges from 64 meters from 75 meters. The Centre mark is marked at the centre of the halfway line of the pitch. Upon that a circle of radius 9.15 meters is marked around it. The match starts from the centre of the pitch itself.

Goal Posts

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Goal posts are placed at the centre of each goal line. It consists of two equidistant posts standing upright to a horizontal crossbar with a net fixed on the backside. The distance between two equidistant posts is 7.32 meters and the distance from the lower edge of the horizontal cross bar to the ground should be 8 feet (2.44 meters). The goalposts and the cross bars must be white color made up of metal or any other approved material. A straight goal line is created between the two posts and a goal is scored when the ball crosses the goal line.

Penalty Area

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The Penalty area is the box where a goal keeper can use his hands to hold the ball and is recognized as the goal-keeper’s area. The fouls committed inside the penalty area are punished by rewarding a penalty kick to other team. The penalty box is the most critical area in football where players cautiously carry their game. The Penalty area includes the goal area/box, the Penalty mark from where penalty kick is being taken and an arc on the top of the penalty box which is in the shape of “D” commonly known as Penalty arc.

Coming to the dimension part of the penalty area, it is 44 yards wide and 18 yards long in which goalpost of 8 yards is placed. A penalty mark is made with a distance of 12 yards from the mid-point of the goal line and an arc of a circle with a radius of 10 yards from the center of each penalty mark is drawn outside the penalty area.

Goal box

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The goal box is another box built inside the penalty area. It is a 12 yard long and 20 yard wide box inside the penalty area.

Corner Flags

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Corner flags commonly known as flag posts which should be not less than 1.5 meters are situated at each corner of the rectangular field. At each of the flag a radius of 1 meter arc is made facing towards the field where a corner kick is taken. A corner kick is taken when ball crosses the goal line if the last touch was not from opponent player.

Interchange Area

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Interchange area is an area where substitutes of players takes place. The zone for interchange starts 1 meter either side of the touchline from the halfway line and extends 1 meter from the field of play.

Center Mark

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Center mark” as the name denotes, is a spot at the middle of the center circle at which the ball is placed during kickoff. A play starts in every half from the center mark itself.

Technical Area

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The technical area includes the dug out of both the teams where a box is created in front of each team’s dugout outside of the rectangular field. One person or the manager or the coach is allowed to instruct players within the box.

Let it be for watching or for playing, sports is an inseparable part of almost everyone’s life. From now every time you will watch football you will have the knowledge of the football field dimensions and will be able to relate with this article.

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