FIFA 2022 World Cup to start in Qatar from November 21

FIFA has revealed the schedule for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, on Wednesday. The tournament will begin on 21st November, with the finals taking place on December 18th.

2022  #WORLDCUP MATCH  SCHEDULE It all starts in Qatar on Monday 21 November 2022“, FIFA World Cup Tweeted.


There are a few changes that have been introduced by FIFA for the upcoming World Cup which include, no air travel needed between venues, match demands will be optimized for fans, teams, and media.

All the group stage matches will be played from November 21st to December 2nd, 2022. The matches will be conducted at four different time intervals at 1 pm Doha(10 am GMT), 4 pm Doha(1300 GMT), 7 pm Doha(1600 GMT), and 10 pm in Doha(1900 GMT).

It will be followed by a round of 16 that will be played from 3rd December 2022 to 6th December 2022. The eight teams who will emerge as a winner from the round of 16 will play in the qualifiers, which will be held from December 9 to December 10th, 2022.

Top four teams will face each other in the semifinal round, which will be held between 13th December and 14th December 2022 respectively. The finals of the tournament will take place on December 18th from 6 PM onwards in Doha.

As many as 32 teams will compete against each other for the title. All the four matches of the group stage will be played at Al-Rayyan stadium and Al-Janoub with a retractable roof.

The best thing about the FIFA World Cup is that the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo get to meet each other and engage in an intense battle. These big guns usually don’t get to play against each other as Ronaldo plays in Serie A league, whereas Messi plays in La Liga. The only way they can complete is in the Champions League, which is not enough for all football fans as they want to see more battle between these two giants.

FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular tournaments, not just in terms of people coming in huge numbers to support their favourite team but also based on the viewership of these matches on Television and other social media platforms.

FIFA World Cup becomes extra special as all the top-class players from every country participate in this competition which enhances the standard of football to a wider extent.