Everything you need to know about Parkour


Parkour is the military training movement that makes you move from point A to point B through fastest and efficient methods by using the strength of the body. Parkour includes various types of movements including running, climbing, vaulting, rolling and other movements that suit the situation.


Parkour is an activity that can be done along with others or alone and carried out in urban spaces. Parkour enables you to identify the potential possibilities to move from one place to another place. The concept of Parkour was originally developed by a French named Raymond belle in 1980s. the concept becomes more popular in the 1990s and 2000s.george Herbert was instrumental in taking this obstacle course to the military. The word Parkour was derived from the French word called “Parcours du combatant” meaning obstacle course. The guy who gives this training to the people is called as traceur and the female who trains the fellow peoples will be called as traceuse.

Difference between Parkour and Freerunning

Parkour is simply moving from one place to another place without the help of the equipment. It emphasizes more on using our own body to efficiently move from one place to another place. It requires jumps, swings, and vaults. Forerunning is also a similar thing but it requires acrobatic movements as well.

Get started with Parkour

You may be interested in taking the Parkour because it gives a lot of physical activity which can help you to stay active physically and mentally. To be frank and to be honest Parkour is not an easy thing. It requires some sort of mental and physical fitness, to begin with. You need a perfect practitioner to get Parkour training. Here are the lists of list of few things that will help you to get started with Parkour.


Find a Parkour Group

The best way to get started with Parkour is by finding the right Parkour group. Choose the Parkour group around you and most of the Parkour peoples are super friendly and supportive to each other. Being in a Parkour group helps you to understand the game of Parkour and they will feed you with enough knowledge about the Parkour. Moreover, they will correct your wrong moves and also provide deep insights into your Parkour activity. They will also help you in developing your age. If you have struck with an injury means they will help you in taking you to hospital. So try to find the right Parkour group around you.

Always ensure your Safety

Your ultimate goal is to come out of the comfort zone and push yourself as much as you can but it’s doesn’t mean you should take unnecessary risks. Before start doing any activity you must ask a question to yourself “how can I do this without getting injured myself”? So train with the proper trainer so that they can help you in demanding moves to play safely. Before starting the training session you must check the spot whether any injury hazards are there or not.

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Start Slow

Just because your fellow companion doing crazy moves it doesn’t mean you have to give it a try. Understand yourself and always know your limit.  It will take some time for your body to adapt the physical demands of Parkour so begin slowly. After getting enough knowledge and training you can go with hard moves. So it’s better to do less demanding moves at initial stages.

Choose the right Spot

Stick to places that have less traffic because it allows you to concentrate more on your game. Always respect the private property and if someone asks you to leave by politely saying sure you can move from that place. Parkour is a developing sport and many people don’t have enough awareness about the game. So respecting them is the primary ethics followed in every people so like in the game of Parkour.

Basic Parkour Moves

Basic Parkour Moves

As you are aware that Parkour needs high demanding physical activities like balancing, running, jumping and dropping.


Balancing is the vital skill that every Parkour player should have. While playing you will often tend to have walking and jumping so while doing those you must possess the balancing ability in order to stay away from injury hazards. You must develop muscle strength and also you need to get proper training before getting into the game of Parkour.


Running in Parkour always requires both explosive sprinting as well as slow jogging. You must be trained properly with those things in order to stay away from injury.

Jumping and Dropping

Jumping plays a key role in Parkour. Jumping move in Parkour will help you to overcome the height differences and get past the gaps easily. The drop is an active jump from higher to lower level and at initial stages of Parkour, it is better to avoid the drop. Because dropping has more chances of getting injured and it requires more physical training.

Advantages of Playing Parkour

Advantages of Playing Parkour

Here are the advantages of playing Parkour:

  • Parkour is the game of fun and great exercise to your body
  • Parkour is the challenging game and it is one of the great tools to make good friends
  • Parkour will help you to save yourselves and other peoples during circumstances like firing and natural calamities.
  • Parkour can bring creativeness in you.

So Parkour is a wonderful game that brings physical activity to your body and helps you to stay active. It also reduces stress and mental fatigue. So start playing the Parkour and enjoy its benefits.

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