Diego Simeone opens up on Thomas Lemar

Atletico Madrid manager, Diego Simeone has vented out his frustration regarding the performance of Thomas Lemar and has asked him to perform much better compared to that of his performance in the first half of the La-Liga.

The Argentine manager bought the French forward back in the summer transfer window of 2018 for a deal worth £60 million from Monaco. However, Thomas Lemar has failed to live up to the hype and has caused more problems to the team compared to finding the solution for his team’s attacking woes.

Talking to the media, Diego Simeone told;

“Facts speak better than words. Lemar is an important player who hasn’t been able to develop his game but who has characteristics that others don’t have,”  “Let’s hope he has a good moment when he comes back from injury.

Thomas Lemar is linked with a potential transfer to the Premier League team, Arsenal, in the winter transfer window. However, the hamstring injury can be a stumbling block for the move to England. Talking about the agents, the manager opined;

“Now, if Lemar can stay or not… we know that agents work in an exemplary way. Clubs work in terms of the needs of the clubs. But, as a footballer, every time he has been available, he’s played a lot more than he hasn’t played.

“His characteristics have always excited me. But he hasn’t been able to live up to expectations.”

“What concerns me is what happens against Levante. Aside from the game we’re playing, the club knows what we’ve been talking about and will work to bring the best to the club and the team.”

Atletico Madrid has found themselves short of fire upfront and is looking forward to adding the clinical finisher to the team. When pressed to give out the information regarding the potential move of Edinson Cavani from Paris to the Spanish capital, the manager said;

“I don’t talk about players who aren’t in our squad.”

Currently, Atletico Madrid sits in the 4th position in the Spanish League and are hoping to kick start their hunt from New Year. Can Atletico pull off the things in the second half of the season?