Fans Slam Cristiano Ronaldo For Trying To Get Dybala’s Goal Called Offside

Juventus, despite being a much stronger team and the overwhelming favourites to beat Lokomotiv Moscow in the Champions League clash yesterday, were under pressure for long periods of time at the RZD Arena.

The visitors were more dominant and had more possession, but the equalizer was somehow not coming.

Moscow had taken a lead in the 30th minute of the game itself and then, they kept Juventus at bay for the next 45 minutes or so despite the fact that they were not being able to hold onto the ball for a long time.

It seemed at one point of time that Moscow might pull off the biggest upset of the group round of the Champions League, but Paulo Dybala had other ideas.

The playmaker raised the level of his game all of a sudden and found the back of the net twice within a space of two minutes to leave the home fans shell shocked and put the Juventus fans in a state of joy.

While, the whole Juventus team looked ecstatic after Dybala’s second goal as it had put them into a winning position, Cristiano Ronaldo seemed to raise his hand after that goal and was the last player to go to Dybala.

Some fans thought that Ronaldo was actually trying to tell the referee that he was in an offside position and the goal should be deemed invalid just because he was not comfortable with Dybala scoring two goals.

The other fans though defended the Portuguese talisman saying that he simply put his hand up to acknowledge the fact Juventus had landed the decisive punch on Moscow and they would win the game now.

Ronaldo has received a lot of flak on the same issue in the past as well, when he was at Real Madrid. The fans often used to slam him for not showing enough enthusiasm whenever his teammate Gareth Bale, who was another superstar at Madrid, scored goals.


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