CSA declares a new domestic play structure for the 2020/21 Season

CSA declares

The Cricket South Africa (CSA) announced a new playing structure for the domestic games on Wednesday after a joint meeting of the CSA Members’ Council and Board of directors, applicable to the 2020/21 provincial season which is going to set into motion new competitions at an amateur level.

CSA declares

The change in structure was devised by the Domestic Cricket Review Committee, governed by former ICC CEO David Richardson.

Emphasizing on the importance of bringing in the change, Dr, Jacques Faul, Acting Chief Executive of CSA, said in a press conference:

“It is important that we announce the new structure timeously so that all franchises and provinces have a clear picture of the road ahead to advise the contracting of their players”.

“I am sure that they will once again provide highly competitive cricket at all levels and we are also looking forward to the launch of new products in the provincial 40-over knockout competition and the T-20 super Club Cup that will provide further opportunities at provincial, under-19, university and club level.” He further added. 

Specifications of the new structure

The franchise cricket structure will be a four-day competition which will consist of two groups of three teams each of them would be playing in the home ground and away fixtures against other teams in their groups and one round versus the teams in the other group. Each franchise would be given a minimum of seven matches while the winners will get to play the eighth game when they will be playing to take home the title.

There would be no change in the structure of the One-Day Cup, wherein each team would be guaranteed seven fixtures and the winners of the two groups will playoff for the title.

As for the senior provincial cricket, there will be two groups of fifteen teams divided into teams of eight and seven respectively, playing a single round of group matches. They will also be playing one-day matches within the same weekend according to similar rules.